Bran Stark- Sway

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Small information : Rey I hope you will like it. I did some small changes from the original request, hope you don't mind!

Word Count : 1032

Part : 1/1

Warning : /

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Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : Michael Buble - Sway

  "Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique"

Bran sighed, exhausted from all the talking Robb has done during their walk." You need to act at least decent around her. She's a nice girl around your age and her sister is very important to me. Please don't mess this up."

Bran rolled his eyes, a habit he grew around his siblings. They have been suffocating him since two summers ago, trying to meet him up with many "friends". He didn't understand how much he can mess up the situation; he was meeting her not having a diplomatic deal with her. Her father was a blacksmith, he understood he at least need to try to act civil in front of her seeing as his father bought weapons from him.

Though many recommended for Bran to be social, he simply stayed in his chambers, being tired of the looks he got as Hodor lugged him around. He wasn't keen of friends, mostly because they were either forced to be with him because of his statues or his brothers forced them.

You weren't much different from Bran when it came to meeting him. "Do I have to?"

You whined to your older sister but she just dismissed it and urged you to pick up your pace. Her and Robb were best friends for a long time and you were sure that at one point they will even marry each other, though the chances were small you knew Robb will fight it. "He's a sweet boy who just happens to be his brother. Just be nice for my sake."

You sighed, grimacing as she pulled your braided hair in a teasing attempt to brighten your mood. The braids were already getting on your last nerves and so was the gown your sister chose for you. It shouldn't matter what you looked like when you met him, this was a simple introduction not marriage.

You blushed at the thought, thankful for the cold air covering your blush as a simple reaction to the coldness. Of course you saw Bran before; he was one of the lords. You never talked to him though, being too shy to do anything other than admire him from the distance. He was a handsome young man who was indeed secretive about his whereabouts and thoughts. You had learned that on many occasions where his brothers expressed their desire for a certain lady while he stayed aside being silent most of the time.

Recently, Bran rarely came from his chambers, only to go feast or to bid farewell to guests. The young lord was somewhat appealing in your eyes, and you only hoped his opinion of you was favourable, like your sister said, her friendship with Robb could be damaged if the two of you didn't go along.

You met almost all of the Starks, except Sansa. They all would stop by your father's shop ever so often, greeting you and seeing the new swords your father made.

You run your hands nervously through your braids as you neared Robb and Bran. Robb smiled widely when he saw your sister, a small spark igniting in his eyes. Once greeting her his gaze shifted to you ." Hello Max, how are you this fine evening?" This is my brother Bran. Bran this is Max. Have fun!" He said as he and your sister walked away.

An awkward silence washed over your, Bran looking everywhere but your face whilst you looked directly at him. Your (e/c) trying to catch his dark ones." How are you today my lord?" you asked sweetly as his eyes finally landed on yours.

He cleared his throat before answering. "I'm doing, well. And please call me Bran."

You nodded and slightly blushed when Bran's eyes looked over your features.

When he first saw you, he was surprised. He had seen you around Winterfell before; he just never assumed you were his father's blacksmith daughter. He looked over your face as you spoke, the way your nose sloped, the way you played with the ends of your hair suggesting your nervousness, the way you stood there clumsily as you shifted your weight from one foot to another.

Finally, your eyes, he was mesmerised by them. How they would crinkle in the corner when you smiled, or the way you held contact with his even though he could tell you were anxious about meeting him. You were nothing he thought you might be. All of a sudden, he was glad he came.

The two of you shared a good and talk occasionally accompanied by laughter about certain topics and memories. You snuck in a few jokes, which made Bran laugh to the point where he found it hard to breathe. The way he smiled felt like thousand of feelings at once striking you and awaking every sense of you. He managed to make you laugh quite a few times, though making you blush was by far the easiest and he enjoyed it way too much.

Your voice was warm and comforting, something which was unfamiliar, but the good kind where he wanted to explore it throughout the day. He took pleasure in seeing you smile, you were interesting. sassy and easy-going. He missed all of this while being closed off in his chambers, only Summer being there to ease the loneliness. What made him even more intrigued by you was the way Summer jumped all over you wagging his tail and not once did you mind. You even paused a few times to pet him. He was simply amazed by you. He only hoped it wasn't on-sided.

And it wasn't. You liked him a lot. His humour and his stories. You were so caught up on each other that you failed to notice your siblings approaching you smiling as they saw the interaction going on. They were happy for the two of you, their plans of you two marrying coming to realization slowly. You greeted them as they arrived, sad that you had to bid farewell to your new friend, though happy at the promise of tomorrow. You looked over your shoulder to find Bran watching you walk away, waving while a small smile played on his lips.

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