Chapter 1.

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Hope's P.O.V.

Beautiful blonde hair, petty and cute. The girl you never noticed in high school, the shy girl who always stays quite, never speaks her mind. She doesn't have many friends, just one or two. Never been in love, never had sex, never had her first kiss. She's beautiful inside and out.

The girl who cares about people around her. She loves her family and they love her back. They never had any arguments, never had a disagreement.

She brings home all A's. Teachers love her.

But somehow she attracts the attention of the golden boy of the school. They fall in love and have their happy ever after.

Now tell me. Why does that girl always gets the guy? Why does she only finds the love of her life? Every book, every movie is about that girl.

But what about the rest of us girls? What about the Queen B of the school? About the girl who's popular and has a lot of friends? The girls who loves to party? Or the girl who argues with everybody and laughs out loud?

What about me?

I'm not the innocent, nice girl that every author writes about. I'm not pretty nor cute. I had boyfriends. Had my first kiss. Day doesn't go by if I don't argue with my mother about some stupid shit. 

I'm tall, confident, badass and a bit crazy, well that's what people say.


I walked to my class with my head held high. Swaying my hips a little bit more as I walk next to a group of guys who were looking at me.

I waved at them and smirked as I saw their shocked faces. 

I walked into the classroom only to realize I'm late.

"Hey I'm new." I said to the teacher.

"Ah yes, Hope Anderson, take a seat and don't be late next time." Miss. Smith said. I rolled my eyes at her. I won't be late next time because I won't show up. I already have decided that I hate this class. 

I walked to an empty seat and sat down. I took out my phone and started typing.

"The bitch will take your phone if she sees you." I heard male voice next to me.

"She can suck my dick." I mumbled to him, not wanting to look up at him.

I heard him snore next to me. "Aren't you an angry little thing." 

"First time somebody called me little." I told him.

"To me you are." I finally looked at him with raised eyebrow.

Let's just say the dude is sexy as hell. He has brown hair, but his eyes are crystal blue. They are gorgeous.

Don't get me started on his body. He's really built, like really really built. His arms are covered in tattoos. Oh did I mention that I fucking love tattoos?

"Like what you see, doll?"

"Naah see better." Liar liar pants on fire.

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