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You don't truly know someone until you see what makes them dies of laughter at 4am.❞
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Dedicated to rumfallosbrynn because her book is amazing omfg


Mackenzie Ziegler


The smell of designer perfume wafts through Brynn's hallway as I take the stairs two at a time. My patent leather bag crashes annoyingly on my hip, and my hair falls into my eyes; I blow it out the way. Brynn and Lauren are giggling about something; probably about boys no doubt. With a small smile, I rap my knuckles on her door before entering.

"Heyy." Lauren laughs.

"Hi?" I ask, taking off my dark sunglasses. "What were you two giggling about?"

They share a knowing look before Lauren speaks. "Nothing."

I decide to dismiss their weird behavior, and collapse down on the bed. By the looks of things, they're currently doing makeovers. Lauren currently has what I like to call 'hooker eyes' and Brynn looks like some exotic fairy with the amount of glitter that's plastered on her face.

Smiling mischievously, I unzip the zipper on my Gucci bag.

"Look what I brought."

Lauren actually screams at the amount of chocolate I managed to fit in, whereas Brynn's eyes naturally drift to the sour lollies.

"Tonight is going to be epic." Brynn laughs, pointing to a stack of movies in the corner.

I laugh. "It so is."


"You're gonna die an old, old lady, warm in her bed. Not here, not this night, not like this. Do you understand me?" Jack says huskily, loudly. I look over at my friends, both in tears already. The knot in my throat tightens and a tear slips down my cheek. Damn you Jack! Why did the titanic have to sink anyway?

Lauren sniffles. "I don't like this part!"

Straight away, I laugh. "Does anyone?"

"I do!" Brynn says quietly. "It shows that Jack is willing to give up his life for Rose, just because he loves her that much."

Lauren grabs the remote, pausing the TV.

"I can't watch." She says.

"Me neither."

"Three neither." Brynn says. We all giggle at one of our oldest jokes.

It's silent for a while as we check our phones, leaving the TV paused. I guess we're not going to watch the rest of the movie then. Shutting my phone off, I wriggle down into my sleeping bag; liking it's warmth. Lauren gets up to draw the curtains, and Brynn switches on her lamp.

"So Kenz..." Lauren says playfully.

"Lauren..." I ask, cautious of what she's going to ask me.

"How's my brother going?"

I look away immediately, feeling my face flush a deep red colour.

"Awh! That face says it all." Brynn snickers.

"Guysss!" I groan, searching through my bag for more chocolate as a distraction.

They begin singing 'Johnny and Kenzie up a tree' while I just sit there, mortified. I feel like Lauren got a hold of Johnny's phone and read our conversations- and trust me, they weren't innocent ones.

"Please stop!" I laugh when I find that I'm able to talk. They cease singing.

"So you obviously like him then, right?" Brynn asks.

I hold up a small distance between my thumb and forefinger. "Maybe this much."

Lauren cackles with laughter, and Brynn snorts. "It'll be a little bit more judging by those conve-"

"I knew it!" I shriek loudly, moving out of my sleeping bag and tackling Lauren on the mattress. "You read them all didn't you?!"

Lauren only collapses into another fit of giggles, and so does Brynn. I hit her across the face softly with the back of my hand. "That's what ya get for being nosy."

Easing back into my original position, I sigh.

"You know, he has actually been a lot- well louder, and more Johnny like since that party." Lauren admits after we've calmed down our laughter.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" Brynn scoffs.

"Well before you miss Mackenzie Ziegler I had to basically beg him to come out of his room. And I constantly made fun of him for not having a girlfriend; he used to get so pissed but now he doesn't care."

"Welp." I laugh. "I'm sure I have nothing to do with that."

"Oh I wouldn't be so sure." She says with a malicious glint in her eyes. "What if I made him take you on a date?"

"Too late."

"What?" Brynn squeals.

"He's taking me for brunch next Sunday, and I'm watching his football game on Friday." I reveal to Lauren. "Clearly you didn't read that part of our conversation."

"You're watching his football game?" They both say in unison.


"He must really like you then." Brynn smiles.

"Definitely." Lauren agrees.


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