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He has hold onto what he had said. Making sure that I accept us. But it is not that easy. After that day, when he visited me, the food which was the only source for keeping me alive has been reduced. Sometimes there is food, but most of the time, there isn't any and that is the reason I have lost the count of days, spending in this rotten cellar.

Xander sometimes come here and try to make me understand everything according to his point of view. Even though he is making things a little difficult for me to survive, but that concern just won't go away from those black orbs. It is always there. Like a reminder of how much he love me, to see me in any kind of discomfort. But if he really cared he wouldn't have held me captive here.
You called for it.
True I called for it.

But I have my own reasons and they are enough for me to hate him. He deserved my hate. He still has no right to held me up here against my will even if I had burst the bubble of love. I always doubt upon my decision of not giving him a chance but then I again end up I'm choosing the decision of my mind. Here my mind and heart are declaring opposite decisions and I have to hold on to one. But I prefer my mind as I know that Xander is not good for me. Not only physically but emotionally also. And I have to save my father by hook or crook, by love or hate. But untill now I am on the path of hate and I still don't know where I stand, how far or near I am towards my destination.

How much I want to hate him but when those black orbs flashes with concern, concern for me, all I think is that I should end all of this and accept, I don't know what but accept something. My thoughts are all around the place in the past few days and the symptoms of lack of food and energy had already started showing but is it right for me to back down after putting this much into the fight? While knowing that my father and mine life is at stake?

Everything is so difficult, so disorganized and jumble of unanswered questions. But those questions don't bother me now, in reality, now I don't even want to know and find out their answers. I just want to get away from this place with my father and at the same time I want to stay here with him. But I know it's not possible. I have to choose. Choose between my father and Xander. But the choice is so simple. How can I forget my father, the one who raised me, the one who protected me with all of his own, the one who showered me with unconditional love, the one who is the reason for my existence in this world. How can I forget him for someone whom I met less than a month ago. How much stronger my feelings are for Xander?, Surely they can't compete with my father.

I am ready to give up my growing feelings for Xander for my father. Even though he is treating me like this, still this growing feelings just won't go. It's like they are meant to be there. Meant to be imprinted on my heart. Meant for me to feel them.
It feels so good but bad at the same time. But he is trying to break me. Planning on breaking me, then joining the pieces together for me to be indebted to him. But how long can I put a fight against him?

Sound of opening of metal doors reached my ear, and I sat upwards, but it's really difficult and tiring as my wrists are clutched to the wall and ankles to the ground. A familiar figure came into the cellar while surprise took over me about seeing that he really is in the cell instead of Xander.

William. But what is he doing here? He walked towards me with soft strides and with a guilty face. It's been a long time since Xander has visited me so it's surprising to see him here as he rarely some with Xander in this cellar.

William stood in front of me and after sometime of not getting a reaction from me, he crouched down, now eye to eye level. His eyes shows one of concern and sadness but why my eyes search for black ones...

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