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That following Tuesday, Cordelia made sure that all the invitations that she wanted to do were sent to everyone about the upcoming Monday. Pierce didn't think they needed them but if it made Cordelia happy, then he let her do it. The Moon Goddess celebration was going to just be a big outdoor dinner and some dancing.

Cordelia's and Pierce's relationship was a work in progress. Pierce's walls were broken and he started getting over the death of his parents, but he still had some issues with loving someone again. It stilled scared him. And his temper was still a little out of hand. But Cordelia wasn't going to let that stop her help the 7 foot, big, scary man mend his broken heart.

"Do you even know how to dance?" Cordelia asked Pierce Tuesday afternoon just out of nowhere. "No. I don't. Is that a big deal?" Pierce questioned. Cordelia nodded. "Yes. If there's going to be dancing at the celebration than you're going to learn how to dance." Cordelia said and walked over to an old radio that Pierce had sitting next to the couch. She turned it on until a slow song started to play out of the box.

"Come here." Cordelia said and waved him over. Groaning, Pierce stomped over and cocked his head to one side. "What now?" He asked. Cordelia wrapped her arms around his neck. Which, honestly was hard being pretty much a whole foot shorter than he was. "Now wrap your arms around my waist." She told him. Doing as what he was told, he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Okay. Now what?" He asked. "It's just pretty much you sway side by side."

"Swaying?" Pierce questioned. Cordelia nodded. "Take a step to your left." She said. He took a step to his left as Cordelia stepped with her right foot. "Now take a step with your right foot."

Cordelia stepped with her left foot but Pierce accidentally stepped on her left foot with his right. "Ow!" She groaned and pried her foot from under his. "Don't step on your partner's foot in the process." She said and reached down and rubbed her socked foot. "That hurt." She groaned. "Well I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Dancing is hard." Pierce growled.

"Watch your temper with me, sir. Don't get snippy." Cordelia said and poked his nose. Pierce scrunched his nose and sighed through it. "Fine. Let's just try again." Pierce said.

It took almost two hours, ten times he stepped on Cordelia's foot, three temper tantrums from him, and a jumble of cuss words to teach Pierce how to slow dance. But he eventually learned how to.

"That took forever." Pierce groaned. Cordelia giggled. "It only took two hours, grumpy. If you didn't throw temper tantrums then maybe it would've taken less time." She teased. "I didn't throw temper tantrums. Little kids do that." Cordelia said and wiggled out of his arms. "Oh you wanna go, girlie?" Pierce teased, wrapped his arms back around her, and picked her up.  "Pierce!" She laughed.

She looked down at him from his arms and smiled at him. He smiled back up at her. "Can you put me down? I like feeling short next to you." She giggled. "No. I like you this way." He smirked. She lightly slapped her hands against his face. "Well if it's going to be like that. Then I get to do whatever I want." She teased. He raised his eyebrow. "Like what?" He asked. She leaned down and pecked his lips. "That." She smiled and pulled her head away from his.

She was able to wiggle out of his arms and land on her feet while he was caught off guard. She giggled and ran into the hallway. "Hey!" Pierce called while laughing. "You can't catch me!!" She squealed as she entered a random room and closed and locked the door. "Why, hello. I wasn't expecting anyone." Genevieve smiled up at Cordelia. "I'm being chased. Sorry for barging." Cordelia said and nervously scratched the back of her neck.

Genevieve lightly cocked her head to the side. "And might the person chasing you be Pierce?" She asked as she pat a part of her bed, offering Cordelia somewhere to sit. Cordelia nodded and sat down. "He never played tag when he was a kid. Interesting." Genevieve laughed and looked at the young girl. "Do you think you will... you know. Maybe become mates?" She asked Cordelia after a moments pause.

Cordelia shrugged. "I don't know. He seems to becoming friendlier and kinder. But his temper is still way out of whack." She huffed. "I'd like to stay and be mates with him. But just his temper is something that's getting difficult to handle. And he's the one with the temper."

Genevieve chuckled. "He gets that from his father. Brendon was his name. He would always get upset over the little things in life. Letting them get to his head. Brendon also wasn't that loving towards Pierce. Ya, Brendon taught Pierce things and would lay down his life for him, but he never really showed him affection. Pierce's mother on the other hand, Marissa, she was gentle with Pierce. Calm. She never raised a hand or her voice at him. Even if he did something he knew was wrong. She loved her son more than any mother loved her children."

There was a knock at the door. "Genevieve. Is Cordelia in there?" Pierce's voice called. "Don't know what you're talking about. I haven't seen her since this morning." Genevieve said as Cordelia silently giggled. "Sure. I know she's in there. If she isn't then open the door." He said.

Cordelia hid in the closet while Genevieve got up from the bed and opened the door. "See she's not in here." Genevieve said and moved out of the way. "Uh huh." Pierce said as he looked around the bedroom. "Where, oh, where is Cordelia?" He said and slowly walked over to the closet. "Certainly she's not hiding in here." Pierce said and opened the closet door to reveal Cordelia.

"Found you." Pierce smirked and helped her out of the closet. "Why were you hiding in her closet?" He asked her. "I was checking out her clothes. That's why. Is that a problem?" Cordelia said and tapped her hands on his chest. He grabbed her hands and brought one to his lips and kissed it.

"Are you trying to be cute?" Cordelia asked and lightly pulled her hands away from his. "Yes. I was. Is that a problem?" Pierce mocked, which earned him a slap on the arm from Cordelia. "No. It's just weird." She stuck her tongue out and jumped onto Genevieve's bed. "Aren't you supposed to be doing alpha stuff?" Cordelia said. "Like calling people and making plans and whatever alphas are supposed to do?"

Pierce shrugged. "That stuff can wait." He said and sat next to her. "Then we can do stuff. Come on." Cordelia giggled and pulled Pierce out of Genevieve's room.

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