Leonis, 1:1, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - Exposure Can Cause Life

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Reggie, Harvon, and Rudolph remained embedded in the ranks of the Free Republic of Texas for exactly one year, Leonis, 1:1, 2:4 time. They secretly stockpiled NWUS weapons, technology, and absorbed the combat techniques of both sides, but now it was time to go.

It was Rudolph, however, that was the most invested. His relationship with Captain Karen Summer had blossomed into something much too tangible to separate himself from, at least willingly. Whatever the catalyst for their deepening relationship, whether it was the loneliness or the sadness from losing their loved ones, the two were kindred spirits and neither was interested in letting the other go. With the shift date coming, Rudolph knew it was time the truth came out, for better or for worse.

Rudolph rolled over. "Karen, I think it's time to tell you something."

"Uh oh, I don't like the sound of that," Karen replied and sat up in the squeaky bed. "Tell me what?"

Rudolph sighed. "It's, well...actually Reggie, Harvon, and me, we're not from here."

Karen nodded. "I always knew that, and?"

"No, I mean we are really not from here. As in this world."

"I don't understand."

Rudolph put a finger to his chest. "Karen, we are from another reality. This world is only one of many Multiverses, as we understand they are called. Soon, we will have to go home."

"I don't understand...have you been drinking?" the woman asked and leaned into smell Rudolph 's shirt.

"Ha, no. I tell you what, let me show you something," Fentz said and reached over to grab his backpack from the floor of the small apartment. "Here."

"It's a pocket watch."

"No, it's a Horologium. A reality shifting device."

Karen eyed the strange object, holding it up to the light of the oil lamp to see it clearer. "I've seen this before. Parker had one."

"Parker? Arthur said his name before he left."

"Yeah ...oh by the Fallen, that makes so much sense now!" she exclaimed. "He must have used this to leave the night my sister was killed. Carver said the guy was shot and bleeding, then 'poof' he was gone."

"You sure it wasn't Arthur? The old man?"

"No. He wasn't my sister's type," Karen said, jovially. She let the smile fade. "Still, Rudy, I don't get it, what are you three doing here, then?"

"Your war. Your technology, we need to take it and use it to defend ourselves from a very serious threat to our world."

Karen looked around the dimly lit space. The peeling walls. Bullet holes everywhere. "You guys must be in really shitty shape to need anything from this place. What year are you from?"

"Me? 1846 and I was married at one time, just to be fully open and honest."

"Married? So, was I, but he died. Still, 1846, huh? I suppose you are used to these kinds of Spartan conditions," Karen said. "But where did you get your little phaser pistol?

"Phaser pistol?"

"Lightning gun, whatever," Karen replied.

Fentz ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I understand now. That was taken from one of our enemies when they tried to kill me in 1846. It's how I got sent through time and met Harvon and Reggie. They're from 1950."

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