I Was Right To Hope- Lachlan Parts 1 & 2

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Tw- Mentions of rape and kidnapping.

Italics are flashbacks, but he doesn't remember what happened. They're kinda like little incites to what happened but he'll remember soon. The bold is the notes/writing.

The first thing I became aware of was the smell. It smelt sterile and clean, almost like a hospital. Then it occurred to me that it was probably where I was. All I could hear was silence. I slowly became aware of my body too, I could feel blankets wrapped around my body and something in my arms.

I couldn't see anything, there was a wad of cloth over my eyes and my arms were pulled behind my back, bound by ropes. There was no noise other than my breathing, which was coming in sporadic gasps. I could feel the concrete ground underneath my body, hard to lie on and the small tears creeping down my face as I lay, silent.

I couldn't remember anything about how I got there, all I remembered was Preston and Rob leaving the office to go get food, before everything went black. I had a specific memory of one of my monitors falling over and landing on me as I was lying on the floor, the crash loud enough to be heard outside.

My eyelids were almost to heavy to open but I did it, and when I did I opened them to an empty room, whitewash walls and a lot of machines, some of which were plugged into my arms. There was an oxygen mask over my face and as my breathing became heavier I tried to move my arms to take it off.

The lack of noise was disturbing me, I couldn't hear a thing and something told me I should at least hear the machines doing their thing, but nothing. There was no noise at all, nothing.

My arms wouldn't move and I couldn't do anything, it was scaring me beyond anything I'd ever felt before and that was saying something.

The first time I heard noises was almost certainly at least 2 hours after I woke up. I heard a door opened and my immediate reaction was to curl up onto my side as a form of protection. Footsteps came next and before I knew it, there was a hand on my side.

It was a rough grip, forcing me to roll over and another hand holding my down. I opened my mouth to scream but a third hand covered it and I knew I was too outnumbered to try and fight. There was at least 2 people, minimum, but I thought I could hear more than that.

"Get him out of here, take him upstairs. I'll have a bit of fun later."

I could only move my eyes, nothing else at the start but after a few minutes I started to regain some control over my body. I could wiggle my fingers a little bit and I could move my head from side to side but that was it. There was still no sound.

Just as I moved my head to the side I jumped, someone having walked into my view with no warning. She smiled and started talking. I could see her lips moving but I couldn't hear any sound so I just shook my head, groaning when it caused pain to shoot through my body.

I was on a bed, lying on my back with my arms still tied behind me. There were still hands on my body, one in my hair, one on my leg and one on my hip. There were two people, two of the hands belonged to the same person and it scared me, knowing I was completely powerless, outnumbered and terrified.

The door opened and there were more footsteps before the same voice as before reached my ears.

"Gag him, then leave. I'll give him to you after to have your turn if he's not dead by then." I had barely processed that sentence before a rag was stuffed in my mouth and the hands removed themselves, giving me seconds to move before a pair of hands pinned me to the bed and a voice whispered,

"You're mine sweetheart."

The nurse gently removed the oxygen mask and I took my first breaths of proper fresh air in who knows how long. Her lips were still moving and there was someone else now too, a man this time but he started talking too so I had no idea what was going on.

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