Chapter 20

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"Then what are you planning to do with that evidence now?" Clara asked, gazing over her shoulder. I enveloped an arm around her waist. She didn't seem to mind my touch. I wanted how she felt against me. God forbid, if I wasn't Rafe, I wish he could forgive me. I had been feeling this way around her ever since she grew close to me.

I pressed a small kiss on her shoulder. I did not care about anything anymore.

"I'm going to reveal it all. The nomination for the CEO position is just days away," I whispered.

She slightly turned to face me. "Travis, what are you going to do after you have claimed the position? Your uncle will face prison, that's for sure, but you're not planning on staying here."

"Yes. I know. Someone has to take over."

She bit her lip hard. "You're still going to leave?" she asked, her voice sounded worried.

"That's the deal, right?"

She sighed, then held my arm. "But things have changed, Trave. You can't just leave like that after knowing all those information? What if they get back to your family, or Stephon? Or me? They could just—"

"Shh..." I shushed, "Clara..." I whispered. I cupped her face. "I'll protect you, okay? I am just saying that I couldn't just leave the life I've known for all this. I will still be here to guide whoever's rightful to sit in my position. It could still be Elizabeth, or Julian until Stephon takes over."

"Stephon is a five-year-old kid, Trave," she snapped, backing away. She was about stand up but I pulled her back. "No, stay here..." I said. "Clara what am I supposed to do? Do you know how hard is this for me to take in? I am slowly changing."

"Changing? Like how?" she asked, her voice almost a whisper.

"It's the fact that I should not be here in my room at this hour when you and I are both engaged with somebody else and it's not just that..."

Her mouth parted slightly, then she swallowed. "And what are the other things?" she mumbled.

I shrugged, then touched her face again. "Let's see..." I put her back in my arms, but she was closer this time. I lifted her and made her sat on my lap. I boldly parted her legs to my other sides so she was facing me. I could not only see her face on the slight shade of light coming from my window. "Hmm... that's better."

Clara avoided my eyes but I searched for her face. Her hands were on my shoulder.

"I want you, Clara. That is the biggest change."

She looked at me. "Trave..." she mouthed breathlessly. "You can't... we can't—"

"I know you feel the same."

She bit her lip again. "I-I'm not sure..."

"You won't be sitting in my lap right now if not," I teased.

She let out a soft chuckle for an answer. I took it as a yes.



"Would you care more if I was Rafe? I'm saying what if?"

Her eyes softened, but her face turned serious. "You are Travis in front me now. And I care for you."

"Then whoever am I ... Travis or not, are you—"

She pressed a finger on my lip. "Maybe we are just the same—changed. I should not be in here because I'm engaged with someone else," she whispered, then shrugged. "But what should I do? This is the most sinful thing that I've ever done in my life," she sniveled. "But I just don't care for you, Trave. I want you, too. Those late night work... those dinners... I just—"

"Shhh..." I cupped my face. "I understand. I just want to make sure if it's not because you see still Rafe through me, but wouldn't it be great if I was him? It means I could get you back."

"You already got me."

She kissed me.


I didn't know what had gotten into me. I smashed my lips on him, fearing that he might push me away, but he did not. I felt his hand ran at the back of my neck, and pressed me deeply in his mouth. Then there was the familiarity, his scent, the feeling of his lips against mine. It was all coming back—but it wasn't Rafe whom I was kissing. In my heart, it was Travis.

Travis' mouth felt so soft—sensual. We are kissing for real. Me and him. Alone in the room full of his scent. He moved swiftly on top of me, still holding my waist. He lay me on the carpeted floor and my small frame was now underneath him. His other hands instantaneously glide down my hip, down to my butt. He squeezed me there gently, then he briefly parted away.

"Are you sure?" he asked. I knew what he meant.

I nodded, but there was a lone tear came out my left eye. I was betraying Mateo, but I couldn't help it. Travis was engaged too, but I didn't care.

"I'm alright," I whispered.

"Everything won't be the same..." he said.

"I know."

His mouth came back. I slid my arms around his neck. In one minute we were holding each other's every curve, longing for more. Then the next minute, my legs were curled around his waist, my hands messing with his hair. We kissed, nipped and licking each other's mouth, learning more how to taste and feel each other.

"Damn," he hissed, breaking off the kiss. I felt the cold air again. He stopped what then he stood up and pulled his sweatpants down. I gulped my dry throat as he took off his underwear then threw it on the floor. I gasped then gulped once more. He was so hard—so big. His mouth curved into a smile, satisfied by my reaction.

Travis leaned back and slid an arm inside my top. The burning between my legs just got worse. I let him strip my nightgown until I was only in my underwear. He kissed my neck slowly, then down to my still covered breasts. While he was kissing me, he pulled my panties then his eyes dropped down my panty-less core. He sat up then spread my thighs even wider to accommodate him between my legs. My eyes narrowed down his now exposed hard shaft.

"Travis..." I whispered.



"Please what, hmm?" Our eyes locked.

"Just, please..."

He grinned at my response. Travis back onto crushed my mouth intensely—exploring me as he thrusts his tongue inside. I jerked a little when I finally felt his fingers touched my core. I moaned in pleasure as I felt him slid a finger inside me, then he moved his finger a little, hitting my most sensitive part inside.

I whimpered. "Trave...."

And then his fingers were gone. I breathed out.

"You can't come until I tell you to. I want to feel you and that should be on my bed." He grinned sexily. Oh well... I want that, too. The next thing, he kissed me softly once more as I felt him lifting me up.

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