Part 11 - Practice makes perfect

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The day had gone rather quickly even though there was obvious tension between me and Lori and everyone could see it. It was getting near dinner time, though the sun was still up it was getting pretty late. I sat on the porch outside that farmhouse, god I needed some air, everyone was inside getting everything ready for dinner that was to be ready in about an hour and a half. I wonder how target practice went... the thought that everyone knew how to handle a gun properly and I couldn't made me sigh.

I was deep in thought and hadn't even noticed Rick sitting beside me which made me jump with surprise. "Oh!" he jumped too, holding his hands up in defense "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you" "No, its fine I've just been on edge today I haven't done anything to contribute and its bugging me" I replied instantly glaring at the tree line of the surrounding woods that insulated the farm. My glance the landed on my grimy nails, I began to attempt to clean them but to no avail, they needed serious scrubbing.

"So..." Rick began not really knowing how to say what he was thinking. "How about that target practice?" I looked up from picking at my disgusting nails. "Really?!?" he nodded and immediately stood up and held out his hand for me to grab which I quite happily took.


We had walked far into the woods were the others did their target practice. Rick went through how the safety works, how to load the hand gun and how many rounds the clip took. Rick then talked me through it and what I had to do in order to the get best shot. "Turn sideways to the target with your feet apart" I obeyed his demands and did what was asked. "Look down your arm so you get a straight line to your sights." again I obeyed what had been asked, once I had done this I didn't realise that Rick was right behind me. "Bring up the gun" as I did this he had put his hand on mine. My hand was squeezed tightly around the gun, as his hand touched mine, his other hand had snaked its way discreetly around my waist. My breathing sped up and I could feel his body heat radiating against me. Rick must have known that my breathing and pulse had sped up considerably. "Breathe in slowly...then out...focus." I did this and slowly as I could, which was increasingly hard as my heart was racing. He pulled my closer to him, his mouth was right next to my ear, to which he whispered slowly and seductively. "Squeeze gently."... BANG. The noise of the gun made me jolt, I stared at the can that I had shot, bulls eye. "Woah... that was... amazing!" Rick began to chuckle and requested we go again, I reloaded the gun and did it again.


After about half an hour  it was time to go back to the farmhouse before anyone knew we were gone. We began to walk through the woods back to the house when we came across the opening that we hadn't seen when we arrived for target practice. We stopped to admire the breathtaking view. The sun was setting and it was the most romantic setting ever... if only Rick wasn't married... especially to that bitch Lori. I began to speak."Thank you" "For what?" Rick questioned, I could feel his stare on me as I appreciated the beauty that was the sunset "For today... it was nice to get away from the farm, and this view is... breathtaking"... "It's very breathtaking" he responded. From the corner of my eye I could see Ricks gaze burn into me the whole time, it took me a moment to realise that Rick wasn't talking about the sunset.

I turned my whole body to face him, god I wanted him, he looked so handsome in the fading light of the sunset. Our bodies were so close, but I wanted to be closer. Rick raised his hand to my face and tucked a stray hair behind my ear, he then continued to stroke my cheek. I moved my head closer to his as did he, by now both of his hands encased my face. In an instant our lips collided with each other, the kiss was soft, slow and intimate, I places my hands on his chest, His heart was racing as mine was, I didn't want this to end, for what was mere seconds, felt like hours. We pulled away from each other but Ricks hands remained tangled into my chestnut locks "C'mon let's go, dinner will be ready soon"

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