Chapter 5

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Nick's POV

I was walking behind her and I can't help but get a swift smell from her locks in front of me. She smells sweet. Sweeter than a candy shop to me.

"Here they are. They also have the updated copy, which I think has your favorite songs in them." Sam said in her beautiful voice, which I really like hearing, but I can still catch a hint of sadness within her. I am in no place to ask about her private life, but some part of me also want to know.

"Oh really? What do you think is my favorite song?" I asked her, a smirk plastered on my face.

"Uhm. Based on your outfits, I'm guessing you're a Sinner. With all the exclamation points on your shirts." she said, giggling when she saw my reaction.

"Woah. You even know them?" Damn I think I'm falling harder on the goddess in front of me

"Of course I do. Since I'm very interested in you." she said which made me look at her with a face that shows an "Are you serious?" kind of look which made her giggle even more with my dorkiness.

"Did you know that Brendon was in Charli's new music video?"

"What really? I haven't seen the music video yet though, was that Charli XCX's Boys song?" I said as I grabbed the first magazine that caught my interest

"Yeah, that one. Brendon was so hot in his red suit. Also, Jay Park was featured too." she said, which made me even more shocked about why she knew about it

"You know Jay Park too?" I asked while still checking out the magazines. How does she know about him?

"Well, who wouldn't? I keep on hearing news about him from a certain friend of mine," she said as she got closer to me. Her friend must have the same interests as me a little bit I think.

"Hmm. You should introduce me to that friend of yours soon." who am I kidding, even though I don't want to be socially active, but I am somewhat kind of curious about her friend too.

We both walked towards the librarian as I was about to check out the magazine that I bought. The day is still long and maybe I should ask her out for ice cream.

"How about we go get some ice cream?" I said in hopes of making her feel better

"Even though it's raining outside?" she said. Damn, I forgot that it was totally gonna rain.

Since I don't want myself to look dumb in front of her, let's just go with the flow on this one.

"Hey, ice creams aren't just for sunny days. Ice cream is available for any day." I said sheepishly hiding my embarrassed self.

"Hehe. Okay sure then," she said and smiled at me, showing those pearly white teeth of hers.

We went to the ice cream shop, ordered our flavors, of course, mine was rocky road because those are the best. She chose strawberry with real chunks of strawberry too. To be honest, I haven't tasted strawberry. I have tasted some fruits but not the popular strawberry. I just find them weird because the seeds are out. I don't think I'm the only person who finds them weird.

"Are strawberries yummy?" I asked because I was curious

"Yeah. They are sometimes sweet and sometimes sour," she said while scooping from her cup

"Do you like them?" I had to ask the obvious

"Yeah. Since they look cute." well, that's a weird way to describe your favorite

I looked at her, indulging the beauty in front of me. God, can she please just be mine already and skip out all the unnecessary long flirty process? Like, can we both just get it on already?

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