Robb Stark - Dusk Till Dawn

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Small information: I haven't updated for almost a year now, I realize that. Also I realize I have a few requests to fill out and I'm deeply sorry to be doing it this late. I had some battles regrading my mental and physical health this past year and it has been anything but easy for me. It took a toll on me and writing became more of a drag then happiness. I hope that soon I will be able to write freely again with much passion like I did before. Writing this (I know it's about Robb again but he's my muse) was hard and my inspiration was almost gone but I am glad I had finished it no matter what. I know it might suck but I am happy since it's the first thing I have written in a long time. So I am proud of it.

Word Count : 1039

Part : 1/?

Warning : /

Grammar check : I did but I am sleepy so I'm sorry if there are some mistakes I haven't seen

Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : Zayn - Dusk Till Dawn feat Sia

"But you'll never be alone
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I am right here
I'll hold you when things go wrong "


When Robb finally returned home after five gruelling months away, he treated you the way he always had. With love and adoration, but that soon faded as all he would do was sleep and every time you entered the room he would jump slightly locking the right drawer of the table.

After two week of having him back home, you noticed he still hadn't unpacked his belongings so you decided to do is washing for him while he was sleeping.  Whilst separating his clothes among other items you stopped in your tracks when a small letter caught your eye.  You knew immediately that it wasn't yours.  The pink ribbon being unfamiliar to you.

Up until this point you had refused to let yourself believe what all the evidence pointed to, but as Robb became more and more distant, you knew it was real. He had come to the chambers way past his usual time of arrival and you pretended to be asleep as he crawled into the bed and turned his back on you.


To face the truth you decide to dress up and sit on the end of the bed waiting for him to return to you. After what seemed like hours you were starting to become sceptical that he was ever coming home that night, but just as you were ready to give up and go to sleep you Robb's gentle footsteps padding through the hallway, purposely trying to not make any noise that might wake you. As he stepped into the bedroom you shared, he jumped as he saw your figure kneeling so close to him.

"Y/N, what are you doing awake?"

"Waiting for you. You were gone so long I thought something was the matter"

He walked closer to you and you reached out for him. He reluctantly took you into his arms as you kissed his neck gently. You stopped abruptly as you saw a red mark in a shape of lips on the inside of the collar of his shirt. He knew you noticed and stiffed as you pulled back from him, staring accusatorily into his eyes that once held so much love for you.

"Why?" You whispered, your voice cracking at the end.

He sighed and closed his eyes as you stepped off the bed and created some distance between you to catch your thoughts and feelings before they exploded.  When you turned around you expected to hear some lame excuse or a half-hearted apology but none came out of him. He stood his ground and his gaze was colder with each second passing. You wanted him to feel remorse but yet you were the one that felt it.

As you two stood there, memories began to surface and each of his actions towards you was calculated by you immensely.  With nothing to take as a conclusion to his behaviour  you did the one thing you thought was rational at that point.

Your steps were hurried and clumsy as you approached him. The punches and screams were hard and loud waking half of the residents in the castle including Robb's family but it didn't stop you. All the pain you held to this point came flooding back at you along with the rage of his behaviour.  No ounce of regret was shown on his face and it was ripping you emotionally apart.


The drops began to soak your gown, making you shiver as the wind cut ruthlessly through it.  The red rose was tightly secured in your hand that had become the colour of snow; the thorns cutting through your skin, the blood dripping onto the ground.

The image of them was resting in your mind, playing with your imagination and thoughts to the point where the pain of the thorns was nonexistent. Your vision blurred in mere seconds, your chest rising and falling faster with
each tear.

The sound of boots crunching leafs sounded startled you to the point where you tripped over your own feet and falling straight into the mud. His grip was harsh and foreign as he pulled you up .  Catelyn's gaze was warm and understanding as he dragged you in front of his army and friends towards your room.

When you woke up, you were alone.

Initially, you'd forgotten all about the night before. The first thing you noticed was the massive empty space in the corner of the room which was once filled with his belongings. The chilly air nipped at your cheeks, and you snuggled further into the mattress as you tucked your head into the pillow with a soft whimper, trying to ignore the buzzing in your head.

Your eyes still stinging from the tears the night before mixed with the lack of sleep. You'd managed to finally drift off hours after he forcefully pushed you inside never following you in. Your screams from the night before still echoed in the walls.

You slid the covers of your head and opened your eyes slowly, staring at the red gown set aside on the table to dry off yesterday's day. It was the colour of your favourite flower which he once sent to you as a surprise. It reminded you of the stain that Jon had accidentally spilled on you during your occasional drunk nights. It reminded you of happiness, some distant life where you probably would have done something to be proud of.

The ache in your chest resonated throughout your entire body, and your head was pounding to the rhythm of your heart-it was the only way you could be sure it was still beating.

You felt like someone had torn it out of your chest.

You turned onto your side and looked at the space in the bed beside you, clutching onto the soft material of the comforter until your knuckles turned white. Waking up on your own wasn't new to you- you had done it time and time again in the past year, so much that you had become numb to the loneliness that came with it. But this time was different.

This time, you knew he wasn't coming.

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