Part 10 - Unmarked Territory

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Two days had past and I still wasn't in any condition to leave the farm, I still had a partial limp at times as the pain down my right side would subside then come back again whether I did something strenuous. I'm walking around on the beautiful farm, the most beautiful sight i had seen in a long time, Hershel and Rick had saved my life and I was so grateful for that.

When I had been allowed to leave the room and walk around a bit, I had been introduced to Hershel's family. Maggie, the young woman that had helped me, was Hershel's daughter. She had short chestnut brown brown hair that barely touched her shoulders, her height was roughly similar to that of mine. Her bright hazel eyes were kind, like Hershel's.

I had also been introduced to Hershel's youngest daughter, Beth, she looked substantially younger than Maggie by about 5/6 years. The thick golden locks of her hair snaked down her petite body to her tiny waist, her electric blue eyes looked different to Hershel and Maggie's. Her eyes looked more innocent. Innocence was a rare trait to come by in this world of suffering and pain. I also met a large man who went by the name of Oatis, he came across quite intimidating at first as he had a Winchester model 70 slung over his broad like plate of a shoulder, which he took everywhere with him. I soon realised that he only appeared to have this tough looking persona, he was really a kind, considerate guy.


It was morning, the pure sunlight flooded the room as I had just finished my breakfast (or whatever you call a meal when the world has gone crazy!) A bird had flown on to a branch facing the window, she had landed on a mass of twigs and grass, just visible from where I was sitting on the bed. There was a sudden surge of chirps, so I stood up and walked to the window to see a mother and her baby chicks. She cooed at her babies as they stared up at her waiting for their morning feed. I stared in awe at the wondrous sight, again I had the feeling that not everything in this world had been ruined because the human population had dwindled, and the walker population is at an all time high.

I limped over to the sideboard on the other side of the room to get my spare clothes that Maggie had kindly washed for me the night before. I changed myself slowly yet very painfully and approach the door to get some fresh air.


"I think we all need some target practice" Rick assured the group as everyone circled around him hearing what he had to say. "Me and Rick are certified instructors" Shane chimed in making himself apart of the whole conversation between Rick and the surrounding group. I limped over and leant on the car, trying not to alarm anyone about the pain I was experiencing. Rick turned to look at me and notice my presence, he looked so much healthier than he did before. "I wanna come, I need the experience and I've never really handled a gun before" he walked over to me and stared for a moment, he then turned to Lori who narrowed her stare at the both of us. I don't think they were on good terms yet, "You aren't well enough Jess... you're still limping" he replied he had a hint of sadness in his voice. "I'm fine! I can do it..." No reply... I huffed in frustration and turned to walk past him. I moved too quickly and my legs began to buckle at the wave of pain that went through me, I leant against the car for support. I screwed my eyes shut at the agony, and a pair of hands grabbed around my waist supporting me.

Rick had grabbed me at the last minute so I wouldn't fall. I turned my head to look at him, our lips so close to each other, his eyes stared into as if he were staring into my soul. I wanted him so bad.... "ahemmm" Someone had cleared their throat disrupting my thoughts. Before I turned my head to see who it was I regained my composure, Ricks hands still around my waist. "I guess I'm not ready" I replied sheepishly whilst withdrawing from Ricks supportive stance. Lori had cleared her throat, her glance narrowed more than before, I could feel the blood rush to my face. I was about to explain when Andrea came from behind me, "C'mon Jess I'll take you back inside" she gestured me to go with her.

I slumped on to the couch with a thud, "Aghh!" I cringed in pain, I keep forgetting about my injury. "What the hell was that!?!" Andrea shouted yet trying to whisper so that no one would hear her. Me and Andrea had grown closer since the CDC, though it had only been a couple of weeks, it felt like i had known her for years.

"What was what?" I questioned... I knew exactly what she was on about... "You know exactly what I'm on about Jess!" she approached me from the opposite side of the room with a worried look in her eyes. "He's married Jess! you know that!"..."Look nothings happened okay!" I replied defending myself but I was right nothing really happened! "Lori's beginning to catch on to something between you and Rick... you know what she said?!...." she paused and looked at me, to which I just shrugged "She asked me if I knew why you two are so close all of a sudden! and she's pissed because of the blood transfusion, he went ahead without even asking her."I was speechless I honestly didn't know what to say, I had to talk to Lori... tell her that nothing is going on, Andrea began again "And on top of that she basically said she regrets telling Dale to stop the RV to pick you up!.

I shuffled in my seat and prepared to get up. "Where are you going??" Andrea stopped in front of me as if to prevent me from leaving. "I'm gonna put this bitch in her place" my facial expression was vacant, I ignored Andreas pleas for me to stop and think about things... no... I'm sick and tired of the dirty looks she always gives me... I'm gonna sort her out once and for all.


"Lori!" I practically shouted across the field, Lori was hanging up wet washing to dry, no one was around as they had all left for target practice... its now or never. She paused and half glanced in my direction then returned back to what she was doing... she knew I was calling her but chose to ignore me... what a bitch. "Lori!" I marched right over over to her ignoring the pain pulsing through my body.

"What is your problem with me?" she glanced over but once again turned back and ignored me. "I know you have a problem with me!...Andrea told me about how you regret picking me up!" she stopped what she was doing and actually acknowledged my existence. "Yes I do have a problem, you... waltzing around the place like you own it! Around my husband!" Lori paused and looked in deep thought about what she was gonna say before she said it. "Yes I do regret asking Dale to stop... I don't like you and from your outburst I can tell you don't like me but STAY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND!" she yelled at me not noticing that Andrea had emerged from the farm house. I stood there astounded that she had just yelled at me, I was about to turn my heel and leave when she took a pair of her jeans out of the basket. I knew they were hers as she was the tiniest woman out of the whole group and they certainly weren't mine. Out of frustration she shook then to turn them back to normal as they were inside out, she shook them one more time and a long white object fell out of them and landed by my feet. I stared at the object upon picking it up. "Oh my god." Lori turned to stare at me, her face dropped of all frustration and turned pale. It was a pregnancy test.

"Don't. you. dare. tell Rick about this"... I glanced at the pregnancy test, then to Lori and back again. "Who's baby is it?" I glared back at Lori. "What the fuck did you just say to me?!?" she replied defensively. "You heard me... you and Rick haven't talked for what?... A week? and I highly doubt you've had time to make this happen?" gesturing to the pregnancy test... The next thing I said was a wild stab in the dark but I'll go with it. "Just an observation... an obvious one... is it Shane's?" Loris face went paler still, she snatched the pregnancy test out of my hands and stomped off without glancing back at me. I guess my observation was correct.

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