Happy Birthday

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1st Person POV (long chapter)

It is two days before Harrison's birthday and we are doing nothing. I'm sprawled across Tom's recliner chair while Haz is throwing things at me from the floor. So I threw them back. Tom sat along the couch with Tessa on his laptop, trying not to get irritated with his two best friends, but I could tell it was getting to him.

"You two just go make-out already!" Tom shouts in frustration. I would if we could, but we aren't dating. It is not that we haven't tried before, we have, but things just messed up. Stuff was spilled, we were noticed in public, or something has gone wrong. We usually always want Tom with us at all times when we do something.

"We would if we could, mate," Haz groans, throwing a piece of popcorn at me. When he did, I caught it in my mouth. Harrison cheers and high-fives me.

"Well, I'm not going to sit here and watch you two mope around about not dating, it is weird and gross." Tom taps around on his computer a couple more times, then he slaps the keyboard.

I flip my body over to look at him, "chill out, we will stop, just don't break the laptop, Tom." He better not break it, Haz and I spent good money on that thing. The next thing I know, I'm hit with another piece of popcorn in my forehead. "Dude, stop."

"Make me."

Tom makes one more loud noise on his laptop, and it stops me from attacking Haz, but it causes Haz to throw a handful of popcorn into my hair. "That's it, I'm sending you two to Spain!" Tom's voice roars out.



The oldest Holland flips his computer towards me first, then to Harrison. "As a birthday gift for you, Harrison, I'm giving you tickets to Spain. But you are taking Y/N with you so you two can kiss and make up and do whatever the hell you want. It is only for five days, because you both need to be back for Spider-Man to start filming. You leave tonight at eight."

"Are you serious?" I ask, brushing all the popcorn out of my hair.

"You saw the tickets."

The whole bad juju issue between me and Haz just flew over my head. Something bad better not happen while we are together.

I ran out of Tom's apartment and into mine across the hall. Harrison stayed put in Tom's flat, trying to process everything, then talk out all the details with his best friend. Someone can't just tell you "you're going to Spain" and not question any of it.

Tom made it very clear on the car ride to the airport to bring him back a gift, not a child. Even though I sat in the back seat with Harrison's and my backpacks, I still wanted to hide from embarrassment. Harrison kept playing it off and distracting Tom with other things, but the conversation kept leading back to Spain.

We both made Tom carry our luggage through the airport, just a little punishment before we left for our punishment. Actually, it is not much of a punishment. Haz and I decided to act like we hate all this to prove Tom a point, but I'm really excited. I've never been to Spain before, Harrison has, so he can be my official tour guide.

The plane flight there is quiet at first. Everyone on the plane was dead silent, leaving me to read a book, and Harrison to watch some movie I didn't care enough about.

After an hour of silence, his foot nudges mind. I thought it was accident until he full on kicked me in the leg. "You need something?"

"I'm bored," he whines, wiggling around in his seat. His head rolls over and hits my shoulder, then his mouth makes a loud, yet quiet, sighing sound.

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