Part 9 - Making a recovery

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I opened my eyes partially, ugh I must have fallen asleep again. I was feeling worse now, more than when I did when Rick came to see me. I moved a bit and found that I could move most of my body with only minimal pain. "Well,well,well she wakes at last!" I recognised that voice... Shane? What was Shane doing in here?

I opened my eyes fully and turned my head towards Shane's voice, my vision was blurry but I could definitely identify the outline of his body. I rubbed my eyes vigorously to try and adjust my sight, I blinked a few times then rubbed them again. It wasn't just Shane here, Rick, Glenn and T-Dog were here. Everyone in the room accept Shane and I were asleep. I went to speak but my throat was so dry the most I managed to do was give out a quiet croak.

I managed to sit myself up on my third try as a flicked Shane's hands away from me, he was trying to help but I didn't want him touching me. Once i have accomplished sitting up, I looked around to see a glass of water on a varnished wooden bedside table. I quickly snatched the glass off the table and quenched my thirst as I drank the water quickly not wanting to waste a drop. "You're awake!" I turned to see T-Dog and Glenn talking in unison, I smiled temporarily but looked to Glenn for answers. "Now what happened"


Glenn had explained to me how Daryl had carried me up the hill and back onto the highway. He then began to explain how lucky I was to be alive as I had been taken back into the RV when they had seen a young woman on a horse go by. They had managed to flag her down and stop her to inform her what had happened. She just so happened to live on the farm beyond the woods by the next turning on the highway, which she then explained how her father was a vet before this whole thing started. She showed us the way Dale got the RV as close as he could before this woman had to unlock then gate. Glenn exclaimed that I would not make it of we waited for the gate to be open. Rick got me out of the RV and ran across the whole field just to get me to the farmhouse safely. After I was informed and up to date with what happened to me, I knew I had a lot of thanking and making up to do to a lot of people.


I was still trying to take in the recent information that was given to me, Shane had left the room, as did T-Dog,  Rick was still asleep in the corner. I opened my mouth as I was about to say something to Glenn. The door opened again, this time more forcefully and with a purpose then when Rick had opened it hours before.

A fairly stocky grey haired man entered, he had a grey beard and no hair on the very top of his head. The man had a white shirt on with black suit trousers that were being held up by navy blue braces. He stared at me for a moment, and smiled. "You must be Jess, I'm Hershel, I'm so glad you're awake" I briefly stare at him for a moment before turning to Glenn "Its okay jess, he is the guy who saved your life" Glenn assured me.

I turned back to face Hershel who was already sitting on the bed with a A4 sized bag, upon opening the bag I discovered a stethoscope and blood pressure gage inside. "Now I just want to check that your heart rate and blood pressure are stable enough for you to go walking about" he glanced over at Rick and gestured Glenn to be ready to give Rick some water once he had awoken. I looked at Rick confused, why did he look so pale? so weak?

"Why does Rick look so pale?" I questioned looking at Hershel and Rick worried that something might have happened to Rick. Hershel looked at me, he had a kind caring face, "You lost a lot of blood Jess, You needed a blood transfusion and Rick was the only match" he gave me some of his own blood so that I would live?! I looked over to his sleeping body, he looked so weak. "Yeah, Lori wasn't too happy though, she hasn't talked to Rick for like 3 Days" Glenn interrupted my thoughts. "she hasn't talked to him?" "Nope" Glenn popped out the P when he answered "He's been in the house watching over you mostly" Hershel added, I involuntary smiled to myself but tried to tone it done as I didn't want Glenn to catch on to what I was thinking so stopped thinking about it.

Hershel finished what he needed to do and I thanked him profusely, he then went to attend to Rick as he began to wake up. His eyes opened slowly and immediately became aware of my presence and smiled and took a big mouthful of  water and managed to croak out a simple sentence through his dehydrated throat. "It's so good to see you"

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