Episode 11: Big Brother is a Prince!

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"Kosei!" Tsubaki called as she and Ryota ran to me. I had just gotten out of my piano lessons for the day, and mother was letting me see my friends. As long as we didn't get to reckless and didn't do anything that would hurt my hands she didn't mind them coming over. I shut back door to my home and joined my two friends at the bottom of the steps. "Finally! I thought you would never be done." Ryota said tossing his soccer ball to me. "Now lets play!" We started to kick the soccer ball around, enjoying each other under the warm sun. "You all were so cute! No wonder you and Tubaki ended up together." I blinked turning around to see Kaori watching us from the door of my house. But she wasn't a child like we were. She was a teenager, and she had a hospital gown on. "Sometimes I almost feel guilty about it, I shouldn't have interrupted your wonderful school years...if it weren't for me you would have had a happy middle school memory." I frowned. "That's not true! Without you would have never played piano again." I said running up to her. She got on her knees, so that we were the same height and she smiled. "If it weren't for you I would have never played any music in the first place." I tear slipped down her cheek. "I loved you Kosei...I'm sorry."

A high pitched meow woke me up, the last bits of my dream fading out as I felt a weight on my chest. I slowly sat up in my bed. I smiled seeing April (it took him awhile to pick out a name for the cat) licking her paw, waiting for me to wake up. She had grown quite a bit since Haruhi and I found her in the park, but she still had some kitten in her. She looked up at me again, meowing and walking up to rub her head against my cheek. I sighed taking her in my hands and getting out of bed. I put her down next to her food bowl before getting ready to go to school. I got dressed, ate breakfast, and grabbed my bag off of the table next to the door closing it and putting it on my shoulder. "See you later April!" I called to my cat before leaving her to go to Ouran.

-Host Club-

I walked into the host club room, before I could even look up I had a gun to my head and I jumped back putting my hands up in fear. But I frowned when I saw the twins wearing matching police uniforms laughing at my fearful reaction. "You should have seen your face! You were so scared." They said laughing as I collected my composure back. "So policemen is the theme today?" I asked, pushing the twins fake gun away from my forehead. "Why yes it is, don't you feel protected? Like a princess?" Tamaki asked walking up to me in his own uniform. "I mean-sure?" I said with a shrug. "Your feedback is a bit underwhelming. And to think we had a uniform for you to wear as well." Kyoya said walking up behind me. "Well good thing I just play the music then." I said reaching for my bag to pull the music out, but before I could Honey had himself wrapped around my leg almost knocking me over. "Kosei! Don't I look adorable in this uniform?" He asked releasing me so he could spin around and do a pose in his own uniform. "You do, hopefully the twins didn't give you a fake gun too." I said as he smiled, before running back over to Mori. "He wouldn't need one, his hands are legal weapons on their own." Haruhi said walking up to me. "So what songs are you playing today?" She asked. I went to open my bag and show her what I had planned for the day when the doors opened, the rose petals flew all around and a little girl with two pigtails walked into the room. "My, what an unusual guest we have here huh?" Tamaki said going right into his prince character. "Welcome my little lost kitty." He said holding his hand out. The little girl looked amazed, her cheeks turning red. She pointed at Tamaki and said "Big brother!" She jumped into his arms. Tamaki looked surprised and confused as the little girl hugged him. "We've never heard about this." The twins said folding their arms. "No! I'm an only child...as far as I know!" He said looking down at the little girl. "Miss, what is your name?" Tamaki asked the girl. "Kirimi." She said. Tamaki gently put the girl on the ground and sighed. "I do fear you have made some sort of mistake. I don't think I have a younger sister." Tamaki said with his usual goofy grin. But Kirimi didn't smile back, instead she started to whimper. "Your not big brother, even with blonde hair?" Everyone in the host room froze. Tamaki stood up and pulled the girl into his arms. "Okay! It's okay! I can be your big brother!" He said. "No matter how easily touched your emotions are you shouldn't say such things Tamaki!" I said watching the two spin around in a circle. It was true that we didn't want to see the little girl cry, but was playing into her fantasy really any better? "what should we do Kyoya?" Haruhi asked him. "It's possible she does actually have an older brother here with blonde hair." Kyoya said thoughtfully. "I don't know...blonde hair like Tamaki's is pretty rare." I said. "Kirimi!" We heard someone calling her name from the hallway and Haruhi opened the door. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes identical to Kirimi's walked in. "Uhh, who are you?" The twins asked. Not recognizing the boy. "Master! You forgot you wig and robe!" someone called coming into the room. The boy quickly put them on, hiding his eyes away behind the wig and putting the robe on everyone recognized him as "Nekozawa-Sempi?!" The club was shocked. His family maid walked up and explained for him. "He has always been sensitive to the light. So he wears this so he doesn't get overstimulated." She explained. "Does every person in this school have their own maids?" I wondered. "Kirimi, so this is where you went." Nekozawa said walking over to her. "m-monster!" Kirimi shouted, running over back to Tamaki. "Oh I see, so it's like polar opposites as siblings." I thought outloud. "Well either way, we came to pick up Kirimi." Their maid explained. "No! I wont go with him. He isn't my prince!" Kirimi said hugging Tamaki tightly. The leader of the host club could do nothing as Nekozawa got upset and ran out of the room. "Siblings are such that they are the source of problems in any family." Kyoya said pushing his glasses up his nose. I tilted my head in confusion. What did he mean by that? I didn't know Kyoya even had siblings. "I'm jealous of them, I've been an only child my whole life. But actually having a brother and not getting along with him is kind of sad isn't it?" Haruhi asked turning to Kirimi. I frowned, thinking of my own family. I was the only child too, flashes of me being alone in my home, playing the piano by myself, mother being to sick to get out of bed, cooking and cleaning on my own. the feeling of loneliness weighed on my chest at Haruhi's words. Tamaki sighed and somehow got Kirimi to let him go. "What's the matter big brother?" She asked. "I'm sorry, I'm really not your big brother. But don't you worry, you have a prince that is even better then I. And he is your real big brother." Kirimi frowned. I was pulled from the conversation when I felt something move in my bag. "What the?" I asked under my breath. I moved a few steps away from the group and opened my bag. "A-April?!" I shouted in surprise, seeing my cat curled up in my bag. "What about April?" The twins asked. I looked up and saw everyone in the room looking at me with confusion. "Wha-OH! Um I need to go get my music for club! Yea one of the pieces is called April...So I need to hurry!" Before anyone could say anything I ran out of the room.

-Music Room-

"What were you thinking April?" I asked my cat as we sat in the music room together. I had found a small plate and gotten some milk for her to drink. Seeing as she must have been in my bag all day. "It's funny, you kind of act like her sometimes." I said gently petting her back. "Doing crazy things without even thinking about it...carefree." I remembered her and I jumping off the bridge, falling into the cold water. I felt my phone vibrate and I saw that I had gotten a text from Haruhi. "Kirimi ran off. If you see her let us know." I sighed, the host club was always getting into some kind of trouble. "I had better take you back home then. If the Host club sees you they will either use you as blackmail or try to use you as an excuse to come to my house next." I said turning to April....but I only saw the plate that used to have milk in it...and no April. "Gah, Stop running off! I'm going to have to get a cage!" I shouted jumping up. I looked all around the music room, but saw no sign of her. Then I saw that one of the windows were open and I frowned. "You've got to be kidding me." I said running over to the window, lucky for April that I took her to the first floor music room. I looked all around, till I saw both April and Kirimi standing in front of each other. "oh, looks like I killed two birds with one stone." I said climbing out of the window, but Kirimi started to cry and I got confused, then her brother came running over. He was shouting something but I was too far away to hear anything. But he picked her up and they both looked happy. So I ran over and caught April before she could run off again. "See I had faith in Nekozawa-Sempie all along." Tamaki said as the host club came running over. "Kosei, is this the kitten we found in the park so long ago?" Haruhi asked. "Y-yea. I guess the cat is out of the bag....literally." I said petting April as she purred in my arms. "I guess Kirimi's fear of cats helped her and her brother reunited in a sort of odd way. Who would have guessed that Kosei's cat would help....or that he even had a cat." Kyoya said with a smirk. "Kosei! Why don't you ever tell you PAPA anything?!" Tamaki asked. "Because I knew this would happen." I said with a frown. "Oh she's so cute! Can I hold her?" Honey asked. I nodded and handed him April, letting the two of them play while the twins harassed me. "You know if we ever got to come to your house we would have known such things." They said trapping me in between them. I looked to Haruhi for help but she only smirked. "So, why the name April?" Kyoya asked. I paused.

-Mori Pov-

"Oh you know, it's unique. April sounds nice." Kosei said scratching the back of his head. I frowned, remembering the time we had taken him home when he got ill. I had stumbled upon the letter his friend left him before she died...but the letter was written to him in February. Why did he call the cat April? I hadn't read the whole letter because it wasn't any of my business. But it was obvious to see that he still hurt. I walked over to Honey and picked him up, placing him on my waist so I could pet the cat while in Honey's arms. "She's cute isn't she? You always had a soft spot for cute small things...like me!" Honey said with a smile. I nodded. "Yea," I said looking over at Kosei. I watched as the twins continued to harass him. There would be a time when all that pain he is bottling up will no longer be able to be contained. When it finally overflows, hopefully the host club can be there for him.

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