Things Changed Part 1.

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I should have known that they would want to talk and I prepared myself for it. I know leaving them without any messages or anything was wrong but I just needed time for myself and just process everything that's happened in my life. I adjusted myself on my seat and looked at them taking a sip of my orange juice.

Y/n:"About?"I asked putting my glass down and looking at them.

Kim:" are you doing Y/n/n?"She asked making me sigh and look at them. I knew I couldn't keep them shut out for long cause at the end of the day they were family and I needed family right now more then anything.

Y/n:"I'm doing as can be expected...."I said making them frown.

Kris:"Y/n I honestly don't know what to tell you-"

Y/n:"Kris you don't have to tell me didn't do anything wrong"I stated making her nod.

Kris:"I know but she is my daughter Y/n..."She said making me nod understandingly.

Khloe:"You still didn't answer the question Y/n...properly"She said making me sigh and lean back in my chair. I've spent weeks keeping my emotions in and pretending that everything is alright when it isn't. I'm not okay.

Y/n:"I-I don't know....I'm hurt, broken and I feel like the past three years of my life was a waste you all know how I was with Kendall and Kris.."I said looking at her"I've always done my best to respect and make your daughter happy but at the same time I can't do this anymore. I came back home because I needed to find some time to just sit and think about everything in my life and I did...I can't be stuck on Kendall anymore. I need to move on from her and start a new chapter for myself because I can't just sit and watch her enjoy her life while I cry myself to sleep and wonder what I did wrong when I did nothing wrong"I said looking at them"I love Kendall and I always will but I need to let her go...I need to move on from her"I said making them all look at me taken back by my statement. I looked at Camila who had the same expression as them.

Kourtney:"Y/ cant mean that?"She said looking at me making me stand up and grab my plate.

Y/n:"I do...its time I find myself again...."I said giving them all a smile and grabbing Camila's plate along with Gigi's"Now if you could excuse me...I need to clean up"I said taking their plates to the kitchen. I was about to walk out again when the girls walked in with the plates and a few dishes.

Bella:"We'll help..."She said making me nod. I saw Camila walk in the kitchen and grab the keys to my car.

Camila:"Y/n/n I'm going to go out and buy some stuff for the house since we're running out...need anything?"She asked making me shake my head and wipe my hands.

Y/n:"I'll come...."I said making the guys pop out of nowhere and send me a smile.

Zayn:"We'll go and help...cause we also need a few things"He said making me nod and bid them goodbye like the girls. I looked in the kitchen and saw all the girls doing something the in kitchen making me smile a little.

Y/n:"You know I missed you girls..."I said doing the dishes making them look at me and nod.

Kylie:"Same here..."She said sending me a small smile making me return it.

Hailey:"Were you mad at us?"She asked making me turn and face them"Is that the reason you just up and left without a call or text?"She asked making me shake my head and look t them.

Y/n:"Girls...I was upset. My girlfriend or ex girlfriend that I was head over heels for cheated on me and then asked the person who she cheated on me on who was my best friend to move in with her. I wasn't thinking anymore...everything was just blocked by my anger. I was and I'm still angry if I'm being honest"I said looking at them"I didn't mean to upset you or hurt any of you in anyway...I just needed time for myself and I didn't want to be with anyone"I said making them nod.

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