Part 8 - Surviving butterflies

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We had been out it the woods for about an hour now and we were nine squirrels up, and the world was four walkers down. The conversation between me and Daryl was very little except the rare small talk, something along the lines of "I'll take that" or "Its you're turn" Darkness was approaching so we decided to take what we had and head back to the RV.

Daryl was up a few metres, marching up the hill towards the highway, not far now. I kept thinking about Rick and that he had kissed me, I know it was only on the cheek and I'm over thinking it, but every time I think about it, it gives me butterflies.

There were footsteps behind me, a large hand grabbed my shoulder. After I had heard them, my reaction time was not fast enough to turn and confront whoever was behind me. The hands moved to my arms which gave me enough room to swivel round. It was a walker. I lunged my hands to its neck but its endless and limitless power was overwhelming. I started to move back and tripped over what I assume was a log, "Argh!" I fell back with a thud, the all too familiar shearing pain went through my head. The walkers teeth were chomping at me inching closer and closer with each bite. Daryl had come to my rescue once again as an arrow plunged into its head. I pushed it off me and huffed a sigh of relief, I went to sit up only I couldn't. "Oh my god, Jess" his facial expression was straight and grave, he pointed to my torso. I looked over at Daryl with confusion, I felt around my body as I couldn't get up to see what Daryl was pointing at.

I felt a warm liquid consume my fingers, the smell of pungent iron hit my nostrils. I searched further and felt a hard object protruding from my side. I maneuvered myself and caught a glimpse at what I was feeling and felt sick. "Oh my god... I think on gonna... I'm gonna... I'm gon" at that moment my vision went black, I had passed out.

Daryl's POV ------

I was speechless... I was used to blood in large quantities because I had been hunting all my life, but I had never seen blood that belonged to a person, especially to a person as beautiful as Jess. I stood there not knowing what to do, I just stared at her petite frame. I snapped back into reality, not wanting to damage her any further, I proceeded to carefully pull her tiny body off the broken tree root that had torn clean through her side, not bothering to retrieve my best arrow from the lifeless walkers head. Without a thought I began to run up the hill and go through the cocoon like opening that lead to the highway.

Jess's POV -------

I was slipping in and out of consciousness, every so often I could see someone's face close to mine asking if I could hear them. I could but I didn't have the strength to respond to them, I would see them then darkness, then see the occasional bright light in my eyes then darkness.

I gradually opened my eyes but my body couldn't move, I turned my head to see that I was in a room. A sense of comfort and insecurity hit me, I felt safe but I had no clue where I was or where any of the group were. I attempted to sit up and take in my surroundings but to no avail, I was stuck here with no clue where I was. My side was burning, I looked down and lifted the soft cotton sheets to reveal a clean bandage wrapped around my waist, Ah I forgot about that.

I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable about this situation, and began to panic. The door handle began to turn, I quickly swiveled my head. Too fast, which sent a tearing pain down my side. The door began to open to which I slammed my eyes shut but didn't bother to look at who was coming through the door.

I slowed my breathing down as I heard footsteps walk into the room around the bed to my side. My eyes still shut. I hear a chair being dragged to my bedside. I regained the feeling of comfort as soon as this figure entered the room.

I heard a sigh which sounded distressed and frustrated. "Jess?... I don't know if you're just asleep or in a coma or what... but you've been out for three days... I know Hershel said you probably wouldn't wake up but..."  he paused and from what the person said I immediately identified the voice as Rick. Now it took all of my willpower not to open my eyes and see him but I wanted to hear what else he was going to say... and who was Hershel?

He continued..."Please...just wake up...fight for... for your life... for survival... for..." he paused again. There was a suspense in his voice like he wanted to say something but knew he shouldn't. For what?!?... "For me..." my heart leapt, I could hear the distress in his voice. His hand quickly gave mine a reassuring squeeze. I was about to open my eyes but he got up, walked back around the bed and opened the door and as quickly as he had come, he was gone in an instant.

As soon as the door closed, my eyes shot open. Did he just ask me to fight for him?... I think he did!!!

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