The Seven Stages of Love (Single)

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Title: The Seven Stages of Love
Author: demonicblackcat
Status: Incomplete

When Alphonse first came to Jenny's school two years ago, everyone was in love with him. He's the perfect gentleman and moreover, he's from France! But Al never dates anyone for longer than seven days, for a very specific, very private, reason.
Jenny Randall doesn't do romance, but when she's challenged to date Alphonse, she agrees, because it's just seven days of commitment, right?

My Review
So, another work from demonicblackcat. I just love her writing, and how flawlessly hilariously perfect it is. Jeez. Anyway, so this story is a little different and a little more cliché, I dunno. And to be honest, it's a little confusing, the way Alphonse thinks. But come on, a French hottie? Gimme some of that, please!
Anyway, if you liked her other stories, give this one a try. It's a little different and not everyone will like it, but I like the currently three parts of the romantic comedy. :3

<3 Jess

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