Hi guys! It's me AerithSage. Here's another book but this time this isn't only written by me.

*drumroll please*

Co-authoring this is my friend, Axl. @strangegrounds on Wattpad.

This is a round-robin writing exercise that we're doing. We looked for a writing prompt and agreed on "Girl gets thrown into a new world" and then we started writing. Axl wrote first and then I continued and then its his turn again and so on and so forth.

We don't know what the other one will write. But we continue where the other one left off. Also, we can't edit each other's work or ask them to change it. We'd have to make do with what the other one did and continue writing from there. :)

Hope you enjoy this book!

Please don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT if you liked it! <3

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