Part 7 - Bad dreams and hunting teams

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Jess' POV -----

"Jess!...Jess!...I can't hold it much longer! Have you found a way out!?!" the deep voice shouted at me making me jump. "Yes! leave the door, we're getting out of here!" I replied knowing that there was a large group of flesh eating monsters behind the flimsy door that temporarily protected us from the dead. I took no time to stop and wait for him. I escaped through the little window "hurry up!"... Iclimbedoutand  waited for a reply... I waited for some sort of response. There was nothing but silence...Suddenly a hand grabbed mine "Aghh!" he laughed "Its only me you scaredy cat!" I slapped him, "Don't do that! I didn't think you were coming out!" he laughed again, I stared into his ocean blue eyes, god I love this man. "C'mon idiot let's get back before it gets dark"

We reached the house as the sun was setting, we locked all the doors and windows and made sure they were secure. "So what did we get?" I asked him whilst walking into the kitchen to fix us a drink. "We got beans, a flash light, batteries, another blanket and medicine... Arghhhh!" He screamed... I dropped the glasses on the floor with a smash and sprinted into the living room. There was a walker in the house, how?!

The walker was gnawing into his neck I had to do something quick! I grabbed the object closest to me and swung it to the walkers head. The walker dropped to the ground in one crucial blow.

"James!!! No! No you can't! you said we would get through this together!!!" I screamed as my hands were clasped around the back of his head. My hands were stained by his blood, he was dying and I could do nothing about it. My glance shifted from James to the lifeless walker in the corner of the room, then back again. A tear drop slipped down my cheek and onto his face, I could see the life draining from his eyes.

"I love you" I choked, he smiled at me, he began open his mouth to say something, his expression went blank. "James? James!?!"

"Arghhhh!" I sat up, I was breathing heavily and my forehead was riddled with sweat. I looked at my hands turning them back and forward looking at both sides. I could still feel his blood on my hands, I could have saved him. I could have!

I get up and grab a bottle of water before I lay back down and try to fall back to sleep. "This is the third night in a row now!" I whispered. I get back into bed and lay my head on my pillow praying that no one heard me wake. Thankfully this time I slipped into a deep dreamless sleep awaiting what tomorrow had waiting for us.


I felt a vibration from under me which jolted me awake, my eyes shot open then shut immediately as the sun light flooded my vision. The RV had started up, we were moving again. "Morning" I sheepish voice said. I opened my eyes to see Glenn perched on the edge on the canvas mattress that lay on the hard RV floor. "Ugh morning" I groaned back, encasing my face into my makeshift pillow I had made out of my withered hoodie the previous night.

"Argh! we're not going to get anywhere with all of these cars!... and we can't turn back as we don't have the fuel!" a booming yet soft voice came from the front of the RV which I could only assume was Dale. I felt like hell this morning, worse than other mornings and loud voices weren't helping.

I reluctantly got up and gained my composure before sitting at the table that resided opposite the mini kitchenette in the RV. My head crashed into my hands and I groaned. "Rough night?" I looked up to see T-Dog smirking at me. I glanced at him, I'm guessing my glance transformed into some sort of death stare as T-Dog's smirk loosened into a straight face. He got up and slinked off up front with Dale. Once again my head had dropped back into my hands.


After what had seemed hours we managed to move a total of six cars off the highway. The Georgia heat was getting to me, I collapsed next to one of the cars for shade. Though the shade didn't cool me down enough, it just took the edge off. This concussion is making everything twice as hard to do in this heat, can we just call it a day now? I dont want to do anything else today... its really hot and I wanna sleep!" no one answered... "Hello?!?" Everyone looked in my direction... Rick approached me. "Look I know its been along day but we need to do just a little bit more...we can stay here but we need to get some food" he looked at me with those ocean blue pools that were his eyes... how could I say no?

"Ugh fine!... I'll go I guess" Daryl walked up to me, we hadn't really talked to each other since I had joined the group, he was silent most of the time and when he wasn't on his bike or hunting, he would just sit down somewhere and whittle some more arrows for his crossbow. I didn't feel the need to disturb him so we never really talked. now that I think about it, he never really made any form of communication to any of us except the occasional grunt.

"Can you hunt?" he questioned whilst looking me up and down as if he were sizing me up and deciding for himself whether I could defend myself or not. "Of course I can, I can shoot a turkey clean between the eyes from 20 metres maybe even more" I stated as I stared back at him. The corner of his mouth curled into a smirk... "Well that makes two of us...I guess I'm gonna have to trust you on that"

I got up from the luscious shade of the abandoned car and strolled over to the RV to get my protection. I grabbed one of the many hand guns from the table. The metallic weapon felt heavy in my hands, I had the ability to hunt all my life as my dad had taught me at an early age but I had never handled a gun before, just a bow and arrow. I scanned the RV for the bow and quiver that I assume the group had collected along the way. The bow was in a good condition, especially as it had been bashing around the RV for the week I had been here.

I walked back over to Daryl to let him know I was ready. "Alright then... let's go" Daryl nodded and turned to Rick and Shane. "We'll be back before dark" and with that we ventured into the woods to hunt and collect what we could to feed the hungry mouths waiting back on the highway by the RV.

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