Chapter Twenty- Live Life To The Fullest

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Chapter Twenty- Live Life To The Fullest

June 22nd: Waxing Crescent

    Blue Eyes held me as I cried, clutching me tightly to his chest as I would expect any protective person to do. It was comforting having him there and I found myself startled that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Moments like this with Blue Eyes were the ones I craved most. My pain and longing for the moments was almost unbearable as my tears washed down my face even faster now. All I wanted was for someone to treat me with a little respect and sympathy and for all of the disregard nonsense to stop. 

    It took awhile for me to calm down but when I did Blue Eyes wiped away a few of my stray tears, their watery surfaces glistening in the dull glow of the hospital room. 

    Taking in a deep breath to keep myself from bursting into tears again, I said, "You and Joseph need to help find Haden. Once we know for sure where he is and that we can get him home safe you all can come see me again. Top priority right now is to get him."

    "We are not just going to leave you here by yourself," Blue Eyes said. I knew what he really meant under the surface was that he wasn't going to let me die here by myself. I'm glad he didn't actually say it.

    "She's right Ren," spoke Joseph, his tone more somber than it had been earlier. "We need to find Haden because if we don't find him then we'll have two dead people on our hands."

    Once again it wasn't the sympathetic answer I'd been going for, but Joseph was totally right. If they didn't find Haden there was a good chance he was going to be dead too. I had a good feeling who might do it to him and if that feeling proved true, Haden wouldn't have a very good chance of survival. The only way we had time to find him was is Joseph and Blue Eyes joined the others. It was the only way...

    "I'm not leaving her here," growled Blue Eyes, his eyes shining with determination. It was startling to say the least.

    Then Blue Eyes began looking out the hospital room window, moving next to the hallway outside. He disappeared for a moment before coming back into the room with a grim smirk on his face. "We're taking her with us."

    I could tell that Joseph did not like the plan at all. His already tense posture turned to that of discomfort as he looked at me. Was he really afraid of getting sick or something? Perhaps it was something else entirely.

    "No Ren, we can't just take her from a hospital."

    Blue Eyes wouldn't hear any of it though as he came over to my bedside and helped me out of the bed. I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly wanted to leave too. It wasn't a super strong pull, but it was still there and I knew I would follow Blue Eyes out the door no matter what anyone said. Joseph on the other hand was still complaining, saying that there was no way in hell he was going to let me go with them. It was too dangerous he said, but Blue Eyes wasn't listening. He was set on his mission and wasn't going to stop now.

    We got to the hospital door, Blue Eyes arm around me to hold me steady. I hated to admit that I really didn't need the extra support, all I really wanted was him to hold me. Actually it was quite annoying considering I'd spent the hull of his adoration to me in silence, telling myself that there was no way I would ever like him. Yet, here I was, acting exactly like I said I never would. Maybe it was the death possibility getting to me.

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