Question About Alex

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Helloooo :)

So, I have a question to ask about Alex, as you can understand from the title.

After finishing 'I Guess I'm a Werewolf Now' and 'The Luna's Mate' and mentioning Alex (ok, not just mentioning he made a few cameos) in both of them, I'd wanted to write something about him.

For those of you who haven't read them, he is still gone (I'm sorry, I'm crying too), which is why what I've been thinking about writing will have to do with Alex after he died.

How is that possible? you ask. Well, I had two characters who were ghosts on 'The Human Werewolf', so I was thinking about Alex as a ghost.

If I were to write this it'd be short, two or three chapters, kind of funny (well it is Alex) and kind of sad, or at least I'm going to try and keep a balance.

However, I want to know if you'd be interested in something like this. So, if you are, leave a comment or a vote on this chapter (well, if I'm being honest I'd prefer a comment, but not everyone likes commenting so it could be a vote too) and if there are enough, I'll start writing :)

If I do this, I'm going to let you know here :)

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