Part 6 - Developing feelings

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I heard something climbing up the ladder of the RV, it couldn't be a walker they couldn't climb, could they? No they couldn't. Who could it be?

If its Shane I'll kick him off the roof! I'm in no mood! I await the presence of who ever is climbing up. It's Rick. I smile inside knowing he's here.

"You did really well today, I want you to know that" he place his hand on mine, my heart was beating in my mouth. I turned to look at him, "It was no problem at all, I would have done the same for any of you" I smiled at him, he moved in closer and kiss my cheek, it was slow and kind, I didn't want of to end! "Thank you... go on get some sleep" I looked at him for a moment, "okay good night Rick" I returned the kiss and planted it on his cheek.

I climbed down and got into the RV and laid down, I couldn't help but think about that moment we shared. I know its wrong, he has a wife and son but it feels so right.

Rick's POV -------

She's so beautiful, I wanted her so bad. I didn't want to kiss her cheek, I wanted her lips! Its wrong... I know but it feels so right. She kissed me goodbye that must count for something right? Me and Lori have been a not rocky since this started and I suspect something may have happened between her and Shane before I found Lori and Carl back in Atlanta. I don't know what happened but I'll find out one way or another!

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