Author's Note

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This note is to clarify the timeline of YKPJ.

The Third Great Prophecy
~March 20

Start of Aether's Training
~March 23

Return to Camp Half-Blodd
~April 23

Week of Torture
~April 23-30

Week of living before Chaos
~April 30-May 10

Percy left Earth
~May 11

Percy taken in by the Waslines
~May 11-July 8

Death of Niza and Xavier Wasline/Frios Attack
~July 10

Chapter 23 | Dam Chaos!
~August 16

Latest Chapter
~August 18

Okay, this is pretty much it for now. Just so there wouldn't be any confusion since next chapter we're gonna skip 10 years already.

Whoops spoiler.


Okay, scroll down. Chap 27!

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