Stripped of Emotions (Single)

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Title: Stripped of Emotions

Ava witnessed a murder in the nightclub she works at, as a pole-dancer. She ran away quickly, but not fast enough. The handsome killer locked eyes with her seconds before she bolted and she couldn't help but to think that he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Intense green orbs that could see right through her. Thinking she got away in time, she is forced to think again when she finds out the killer is tracking her. Will she be able to survive?

My Review
Okay, I'm a victim. I haven't actually finished the story. But I'm on the epilogue. Currently, I'm not sure if there is a sequel, but if there is, comment below and tell me the name! Also what you thought of the story.
Personally, definitely opinionated but what can I say? I loved the story. This book isn't as flawlessly written as some of the others I've read, and the idea is a little cliché, but it's definitely worth reading. There are twists and turns throughout the whole story and it's got you on the edge of your seat literally, the whole time. It was actually quite annoying, how obsessed I was in finishing it.
Thanks to the amazing Emike_Hoshi, the author of this book! Once again, not a frequent author who I read from but definitely one I will be frequently reading from. After reading this book, I realised just how amazing her writing is. Thank you for the beautiful story!

<3 Jess

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