Lies, Luck, and Love (Single)

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Title: Lies, Luck, and Love
Author: ACRL37
Status: Incomplete

Tyler Easton has a problem. Even though he'd just been voted the "Sexiest Lawyer Alive" by People magazine, he can't seem to find the right nanny for his two children. All the nannies either end up falling in love with him (surprise, surprise) or getting driven away by his kids.
Enter Vivian Hughes, a former heiress struggling to make ends meet. When she lands a lucrative job as the Eastons' nanny by way of a teensy little lie (how hard can it be to pretend to be a lesbian?) she's ecstatic. There's just one rule - she can't fall in love with Tyler. Believing him to be cruel and heartless and stereotyping him immediately, she thought that wouldn't be a problem. But living with someone 24/7 - especially someone as sexy and smouldering as Tyler - can do strange things to make you fall in love.

My Review
Like, come on. How can you not want to read the story just by reading the blurb? And yes, I am a victim of the greatest writer on Wattpd, ACRL37. I am in love with her writing, and her books, and everything. So yes, this story is one I recently found. There's only three parts to the story (currently) but it's technically two parts, since the prologue has been updated twice. Read it and you'll understand.
Anyway, the prologue doesn't really explain much, but then again, ACRL37 prologues don't really give you any "direct" spoilers. :) The first chapter is absolutely hilarious and I cannot wait until she uploads again.
So, if you've read any of my other suggestions by the same author, read this one, because once she finishes it, it will be as hilarious and as entertaining as her other works. I think that's a given. Comment below and tell me what you thought of the three (two) parts so far!

<3 Jess

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