Period G.D

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(Y/n pov )
I was sleeping till I woke up with a pain in my stomach and I was about to get up when a big pain hit me so I grabbed on to something I did know what it was till my boyfriend of  8 years grabbed my hand and moaned very loud that his brother ran and knocked on the door and said you to better not be doing the nasty I yelled go away ass clown he said you mean old frog and ran away fake crying I was about to get up and say sorry when graybear stopped me and said you know you have to help me I said baby this can wait and got up and left to Ethan's room he lock his door so I knocked and he said hello who is it I said me he said go away you mean old frog I said please  he said fine only cause you are my bestfriend so he got up and said so what do you need I said I'm sorry for yelling at you I just don't feel good then graybear said Babygirl you are bleeding I look down and it was blood on my nite clothes I ran to the bathroom and got in the shower

(15 minutes later)

I get out of the tube and call grayson to go to the store and get Pizza Hut he said yeah and left after he got dress then when he finish and left I walk to Ethan's room he was laying on his bed talking to my bestfriend Skylarbear they go out I just layed down and fell asleep in his bed.

(Ethan's pov)

I was sleeping than I here a moan come out of grayson room I forgot my bestfriend stayed the night so I walk to grayson room to till them not to do that why I'm here so ran and knocked on his door and said you two better not be doing the nasty then (y/n) yelled GO AWAY ASS CLOWN then I ran away fake crying after I made it back to my room I check my social media then someone knocked I ask who is it then (y/n) said me I said go away mean old frog then she said plz she's my bestfriend so I said come in she did I got off the bed and started talking I said what do you need and she said sorry for yelling at you I just don't feel good then grayson yelled that she was bleeding she looked at her pajamas and at me and ran out to grayson bathroom I guess then I hear the shower then after 15 minutes it cut off then grayson left then I called Skylar she answered and we was talking about what she wanted daddy to do then (y/n) walked in so I started talking about other stuff like where do she wants to go than (y/n) fell asleep on the bed after hang up the phone I put the covers over us and fell asleep.

(End of pov)

(Grayson pov)
I was sleeping till my girlfriend grabbed my dick then I moaned so loud that my brother ran and knocked on my door and said you to better not be doing the nasty then(y/n) yelled GO AWAY ASS CLOWN and Ethan ran away fake crying and (y/n) was about to get up till I stopped her and ask can she help me with my problem she said that can wait then she walk to Ethan's room to say sorry then I feel something on my arm it was blood first I thought it was from but it was from her I  said Babygirl your bleeding than she ran across the room to my bathroom after 2 minutes she called my name to go to the store and pizza  hut so I did
(At the store)
I was at the store then a girl came up to me and ask for my number but I said I had a girlfriend and walked away to the pad part of the store and got what she need it then got her some junk food then paid for it
(Left to Pizza Hut)
I Oder a pineapple pizza then want home I look for (y/n) in the room she  wasn't there so I walked to Ethan's room they both was knocked out so I woke them up.
(End of gray pov)
Graybear yelled pineapple pizza so me and Ethan jumped up and ran down stairs for the pizza then graybear hand me my stuff he was laughing at me and Ethan we ask what's funny he showed us the video we laughed and ate and feel asleep in graybear bed

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