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Pen Your Pride

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Chapter Six

Tattooed for Life

A/N: Hey everyone thanks for reading the Sequel to Bite Me. If you didn't know yet, Bite me got Deleted by Accident, So I reloaded it up there and fixed a few things with in the story. Any who I hope you enjoy this chapter. Don't forget to Vote and Comment!

              “Put me down” I screamed at Darren as he carried me out of the car. Pack members were in the yard but not as many as before. They all looked worried and surprised. Darren smacked my butt to make me stop moving around. Some of the guys around us chuckled when he did that. I huffed and just watched his perfectly shaped butt move. I smirked as I thought about that and then remembered I was suppose to be mad at him.

He walked up the steps of his house and then slammed the door shut and set me down. I noticed the house seemed empty. I punched his arm causing him to wince a tiny bit.

“What the hell was that” I snapped

“Why the hell were you allowing that Un-mated male wolf to be all over you like that and why does it smell like you have be making out with him” he growled. His eyes were a dark blue making their way to black.

“ME! You have no right to accuse me of that, not when you have some whore in your bed room”

“that was a misunderstanding, I wasn't even in the room” he snapped.

“Then why was she in your room, and why did she smell like you and why does she supposedly think she's the future Luna” I snapped

“She can't take the hint that I don't want her thats why” he snapped back.

“Oh yeah I'm sure gonna believe that, You still had no right to come and just take me away from my family and friends”

“Are you kidding me, that male was all over you” he growled in return.

“that male was my cousin you arrogant jerk” He looked taken aback.

“yea no reply huh, and whats it to you, you haven't marked me so there for I'm not yours yet” I snapped, he growled.

“Your MINE” he said possessively , his warning tone turned my wolf on.

“No I'm not, you haven't claimed me so there for I can go mess with any male wolf I want, maybe Jake wants to have a go” I suggested, his eyes settled on pitch black. I was suddenly pinned between him and the wall, he lifted me up pressing his lips to mine angrily. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. He bit my bottom lip causing me to yelp and gave him access to move his tongue in. His minty flavor exploded into my mouth. He pulled away.

“Your mine, and no other male can have you ever again” he snarled and then before I could blink I felt his sharp canines rip into my neck as he made his claim. I gasped and closed my eyes taking in all the pain, My hands gripped his hair as his tongue ran over the mark causing a wave of pleasure to roll over me.

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