[SPECIAL] When it's your birthday · Nagisa Shiota

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⇾ 'Nagisa x Reader' ⇽

「Birthday Special」

Walking up the steep mountain to your classroom, 3E. You panted as you took another step. Although you did this everyday for 1 year you should have been use to it by now. The hill was such a good work out you didn't even need to spend cash to go to the gym.

You arrived at the top of the mountain half an hour later. You were very sweaty and tired it felt like you had just climbed the world's tallest mountain. You swore that the mountain somehow grew larger each day.

Walking into the classroom you placed your belongings and headed to your seat. The noise of students chattering as they waited for their teacher to begin the class. Not paying attention you got your headphones out and begun to sink deeper into your own world.

"F/N~chan, hello how are you?" a timid voice from behind you spoke. However, you couldn't hear as the music was blasting into your ear drums. "Hello?" the familiar voice once spoke again. Tapping on your shoulder you jumped up surprised. You turned around and it was Nagisa Shoita your crush.

You blush and take off your ear phones and turn your music off. "Yes... Nagisa?" you asked as you placed down your phone unto the table. "I was wondering if you would like to go to the zoo with me this coming Satuday 10 am."

'Wow so blunt and damn straightforward Nagisa, nice...' you thought. You snap bag into reality as you see Nagisa bringing out two zoo tickets from his pocket. "Sure," you reply in response. "Meet me at the bottom of the school mountain!" the bluenette exclaimed happily with a red hue on his face.

You grinned and waved at him as you watched him walk back to his seat. You picked up your phone and continued to listen to your music. Unfortunately, you did not realise that the whole class was actually silent while they watched Nagisa invite you.

Rio in the corner of the class holding her phone while squealing as her otp was sailing slowly. Karma busy picking his nose sat on his seat not caring what was happening. He was just proud that his best friend was becoming a man. Koro~sensei 3E's beloved teacher was scribbling away in his notebook, who knows what he was taking notes of.

"Hello Minna san!" Koro~sensei enthusiastically called. You immediately listened at put away your head phones as the class was about to start. "Today we are going to learn about quotes" Instantly, including you, began to groan at the subject. You weren't too fond of it like placing random words together to make it have some artistic value to it.

Like I mean anything could be a quote. "I love Nagisa Shiota forever ~F/N L/N 2017". I mean its not that hard isn't it? You blush at your thought how could you have thought something like that.

"So grab some paper from the front and start thing about your person quote!" the octopus smiled as he sat in front of his room continuing to scribble in his mysterious notebook. You grabbed some paper and headed back to your seat. You racked your brain trying to find an inspirational quote.

'His hair is blu-' scrap that

'His smile is bright like the stars' What are you thinking?!

'He is the definition of li-' Annoyed you rubbed out your words. What was wrong with you today, your mind kept on focusing on your classmate Nagisa Shoita. Everybody in the class knew you had a crush on Nagisa and he had a crush on you.

It was so damn obvious that you liked each other but you were stubborn and oblivious. You were so clueless you didn't even know that you caught yourself staring at Nagisa. Blinking, you realise. Nagisa who was staring at you too gave you a small smile before proceeding on with his work.

Soon the school day ended passing by really quickly. The class began to pack their bags and head down the mountain for their nightly work out. Sighing, you walked down slowly. "Wait up!" You turn your head around and see Nagisa running towards you. "F/N! Meet me at the bottom of the mountain tomorrow remember?" you nod and Nagisa walks away nervously.

You arrived home, greeting your parents before you went to your room. You lied down on your bed and stared at the ceiling. Letting your thoughts wander and muddle up your brain. 'Come on, its just a small trip. I doubt he even knows my birthday. Its just a nice friend trip.' you told yourself.

You had never really spoke to the class about your birthday. Your mother and father were always busy and away over seas, they didn't bother buying you a present with their busy schedule. As head of the famous company your parents constantly left you home alone not caring what you did. They were only here for 1 week and they would be leaving again, tomorrow morning on your birthday.

This caused you to not care for your birthday. You didn't expect anybody to do anything nice to you let alone notice it was your birthday. That was why you kept constantly telling yourself that Nagisa was taking you on a fun trip it was nothing related to your birthday what so ever.

The day of the 'field trip', arrived being honest you were very excited. Getting dressed in a (tutu no author) comfy outfit that would look good. You did your hair and got ready heading out the door as you began to head to the bottom of the mountain.

Nagisa was already standing there with a happy smile on his face, you blush in response at the blue hair male. He looked so adorable, what you were you saying?! "Hello F/N~chan its good you are here today!" the male nervously chuckled.

You walked next to him as you walked to the zoo. Whatever was installed for you today, you were sure you were going to have a great day with the boy.


Unfortunately, I cannot finish this because I have no ideas. Somebody can finish the other half of the story, just PM what you've written and I'll put it in crediting you ofc.


- Kuuro

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