[SPECIAL] When it's your birthday · Maehara Hiroto

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I need help with the Nagisa x Reader One shot special. I need a plot idea. I can't really think of a place to take reader~chan with him. Most likely not doing it if nobody PMs smh.

This is going to be long (really long, I don't blame you if you zone out) I DIED WRITING THE ROMANCE SCENE FCK-//slapped. What romance scene eh? *lenny face* NO LEMONS ARE IN HERE ONLY SALT... ;-; author..

⇾ 'Maehara x Reader' ⇽

「Birthday Special」

"If I win the bet you have to treat me on your birthday!" the orange hair male spoke.


"If you win the bet, I have to treat you on your birthday!"

"Get reading!" The red sadist spoke in a serious tone, "For this bet determines your birthday F/N~"

The class went crazy and started chanting.



"3E please keep the noise down, we dont want to let Koro~Sensei know what we were doing." Isogai spoke.

Koro~Sensei was in the corner giggling while reading magazines. The boys bought them here so he would interfere with what you are about to do.


"Go!" The class chanted. You breathed in, "PAPER  SCISSORS, ROCK!" You drew a SCISSOR and Maehara drew PAPER. "Holy I won!" you scream joyfully.

Maehara began to cry anime years, "F/N~ Whyyyy do you have to win!" Maehara dropped to his knees and sobbed.

"Ehh... Maehara, now you have to treat me!" you spoke proudly. Nobody could ruin this for you as you were being taken out on your birthday.

"Meet me at the (Train Station Name) at 9am on Saturday." the light brown hair male spoke, as he got up from the ground.

"Please don't feel sorry for me, think of it as my birthday present to you!" Maehara walked away feeling embaressed at what he had said.

You and Maehara had feelings for each other but were very oblivious to each other feelings.

The class has tried to ship you two together and now was the time. To confess on your birthday, now or never..Maehara was your childhood friend and even though he had many relationships with other girls you were scared to confess.

You didn't want to loose your precious strong friendship bond. You didn't want him to dump you after a few days of dating. Your friends, were very annoyed so they decided to force you to bet. Now it was your time to shine.

"Ummm what happens if I stuff up?" you fidgeted as you spoke nervously. "F/N~Chan you're going to be alright." Rio assured. Koro~Sensei who was still in the classroom decided to help you. "F/N go to the amusement park with him!" the octopus sighed as he fantasized.

"Pervert!" the whole class spoke in unison. You giggled at the thought. "Minna~San, class is over. I'll see you on Monday. F/N you have to report what you did."

With that the whole class started packing up. "I'm going to China to get some Tofu bye!" Such an irresponsible teacher. You packed your books and went home, unlocking the front door.

It was soon night and you had to go to sleep. You couldn't sleep as you were too nervous to the next day. Your mind kept you awake with endless thoughts of 'What if..'

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