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Chapter Four

I wake up to an empty bed. I yawn and sit up in the unfamiliar bed. Then I remember the events from last night. I look to the side and I see a note. I frown and read it.
             I had to leave early to help rebuild the Gillis's home. I'm sorry I couldn't be there when you woke up. Do you know how beautiful you look when you're asleep? I've spoken to my father and he knows you are here. I'll be back later today.
                                                 Gilbert "
I was smiling with a red face when I finished the note. I'm so glad I'd met him. But I wonder what we are. Are we just friends or more? What did that kiss mean? My first kiss and it didn't disappoint.

I get up and hesitantly walk downstairs. Mr.Blythe was sitting in the dining room eating. He smiled when he saw me.

"Did you sleep well?" He asks and I blush.

"I did." I answer and he motions me to take a seat and a lady placed a bowl of oatmeal in front of me with a cup of milk.

"Thank you." I mumble and eat the delicious food.

"You may take a bath after you eat.  Gilbert told me what you did last night. Very brave of you." I blush and nod.

"Gilbert was quite upset with me." I say and he nods.

"It's quite understandable. If my wife did something like that I would be too. He cares for you." 

"I care for him too." I mumble with a red face but I meant it.

"I know. You two remind me of me and my wife when we were young."

"Really?" I ask and he nods.

"Very much so. I'm glad Gilbert has someone now. After everything that boy has been through I'm glad he now has someone like you."

"I'm glad to have him. " I reply with a smile which he returns.

"I do hope you two last. What you have is special." I nod and my oatmeal was gone.

"I do too." I whisper and he pats my shoulder.

"I must go back to bed now. Please make yourself at home." I smile and nod at him then he's gone.

I wash my dishes and Mr.Blythe's then I go to take a bath and clean myself. Mr.Blythe's caregiver lends me one of her daughters dresses. I slip on the dark green dress that was  more comfortable then my expensive ones. I let my naturally curly hair air dry and I slip my shoes on. I put on Gilbert's coat and make my way to the Gillis's.

I soon see Ruby and Anne holding a basket. Ruby suddenly trips and falls. I hear some of the boys laugh. Ruby starts sobbing in embarrassment and I start to make my way towards her.

"Girls are so useless. Guess you should've stayed in the kitchen,eh?" Billy laughs.

"What is wrong with you?" Anne yells in anger. I chose to ignore his words.

"Go home and bake cookies!" Anne raises her eyebrows.

"They already did,genius." I yell and try to help Ruby up but she pushes me away. I sigh in annoyance.

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