Chapter 1

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"Dude, I'm lost, I don't know. Both my car's GPS and phone's do not work. No, you dumb ass." I listen to my friend and try my best not to curse and instead roll my eyes and look at the street names to see If I recognize any; I don't. I groan and hear my friend on the other side laugh.

"Bye, you're no use, just like my GPS." I say hanging up and playing music on Spotify. A song comes up which I don't like making me glance down quickly to skip it. Doing that I feel like I hit something. Pressing on my breaks I glance up and see a figure just a few feet away; A bike by his side. I glance through my rear view mirror and notice I ran through a stop sign.

"FUCK! I KILLED HIM. OH, MY GOD, I KILLED HIM" I yell frantically inside my car. With my hands shaking I turn my truck off and get out and walk towards the figure laying on the ground. When I get near the person, I see it's a boy or man. Not sure. Bending down with tears in my eyes I turn the person around and hear him moan in pain which makes me breath out in relief that I, indeed did not kill him.

"Oh, good, you're not dead, I didn't kill you." I say happy with tears coming down my face as I pull him into a hug. He groans and pushes me away when he realizes what I did.

"NO, but I am going to kill you. Get off me." he says mad.

"You're bleeding, let's get you to the hospital, get inside my car. My mom-"

"No, I'm fine. Just get away from me. You have done enough for one damn day" he says standing up; well trying. When he was trying to get up he couldn't stand on his right foot without groaning in pain.

"Let's get you to a hospital, come on, please. You're hurt" I say tugging at his hand which shocks me. Looking up at him again, more clearly I finally notice just how handsomely beautiful the guy in front of me is.

"Thanks, those are definitely new to what I've been called before." he says limping over to his bike that now had a tire that looks like it was run over.

Wait, did I just say that out loud?

"Yes, you did." He says rolling his eyes as he scans his bike and curses under his breath.

"Uh-I can pay for all the damages, come on, we can talk about it as you get you checked out. Do you know where Hamilton Hill Hospital is? My mom works there, not in the ER, but I can call her down there. Anyways, I'm lost and never been to this part of the city and I really need to get home. My GPS system isn't working either." I say making him look at me like I'm a fish out of water.

"I can go to my local ER."

"No, it's fine. My mom will check you for free. This is my fault. You shouldn't have to pay for what I did. Even if you did get charged, I'll pay for it. I'm so sorry for this by the way." I say putting his bike in the back of my truck. He sat on the passenger side as I then sat in the driver's seat.

"Nice, truck."

"Thanks. So, directions?" He nods and then points to the left and tells me to go down 3 streets and make a right. Wow, I was going in circles before. We make it to the hospital in 45 minutes and when I parked in the parking lot I called my mom and told her I was there. I avoided the details but told her it was an emergency and needed her now. She said she'd meet me in 10 minutes. Right now we were waiting for her in a room.

"What is your name?" I finally ask the guy who hasn't said a word since we came in. He glances up from his phone and blinks a few times before speaking.

"Ash, yours?"

"Declan" he nods but doesn't say another word.

"What did you injure, Dec?" I hear mom ask. Turning around I see her in her Dr. lab coat.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know there was someone with you." She says, continuing to introduce herself to Ash.

"Dr. Lombardi." She says smiling and shaking her hand with him. Ash does the same and then my mom looks between the two of us expecting one of us to talk. Ash looks at me and I know it's up to me to say what happened.

When I am done telling my mom, it's also when I feel the slap across the back of my head.

"Ouch" I yelp out in pain while holding the back of my head.

"Mom! That hurt"

"You could have killed this kid." She says. Ash just sits on the bed staring back and forth between my mom and I. Looking at our reaction.

"I know, I said I'm sorry"

"I don't care. You were being irresponsible. Just go outside while I take care of him." I nod and leave the room. When she is done with Ash she comes out of the room and tells me I can come in.

"What happened?" I ask him sitting beside him on the bed.

"Sprain ankle."

"Do you work? School?"


"Dammit, I just screwed this for you."

"Yes, you did"

"I'm sorry."

"Whatever, can you just take me home?" I nod and help him off the bed. His foot was already swollen and dark. My mom gave him crutches so that he could balance his weight and not put too much weight on the injured foot and it takes longer to heal. It looked really painful. I felt super bad and disappointed in myself.

When mom gave me Asher's discharge paper, I drove him home to the address he gave me. I place his bike inside porch's gate and then handed Ash his paper.

"Here, this is my number, if you do get any letter from the hospital, call me so that we can take care of any charges of the bill. And if you need anything, let me know. Bye, Asher" I say.

"I won't. But thanks" he says and pushes the front door open entering inside before closing it behind him.

What do you think of the chapter? Declan? The boys' names? Declan's reaction to hitting Asher? Dr. Lombardi smacking her son? How do you think this story will go? Any ideas where it will go? I personally don't know. Lol.

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