Birthday Sleepover

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WARNING ⚠️: Light cussing

Your POV:

Ughhh what time is it? It's a Saturday morning and I forgot to turn off my flippin alarm. I look over to the clock, damn it, I woke up at 7:00 AM on a weekend.

I groaned and got up out of bed, might as well (try) to be productive since I'm already awake. I quickly text B/F/N.

Me: Morning Bitch

B/F/N: Ughh why r u awake u interrupted my beauty sleep

Me: why r u still ugly ;)

B/F/N: fuck u -_-

Me: love u too <3

B/F/N: oh what r u gonna do for ur birthday? U better add me to ur plans

Oh yeah, it's my birthday...

Me: I forgot lol. idk what Ima do any ideas?

B/F/N: we can have a sleepover at my place :)))

Me: sure why not ill be there in a bit

After doing my morning routine I walked over to B/F/N house with my backpack holding my belongings. At my age for some reason, birthdays are not as exciting anymore.

My mother had agreed to let me stay at B/F/N's house as a birthday present from her to me, which honestly isn't really from her. She probably just wants me out of the house.

I knock on B/F/N's door, stepping back and waiting.

"Oh yay Y/N's here!" I hear B/F/N yell. She's always talking to herself, I've grown accustomed to it.

I'm greeted by a smiling face as B/F/N swings the door open, she ushers me into her living room. The blood drains from my face and my palms automatically start sweating.

"Happy Birthday Y/N!" I hear C/N and C/B/F/N say in sync.

"Ehehe thanks... What the hell are they doing here?" I whisper-yell to B/F/N. She just ignores me and pushes me onto the couch.

"You're finally turning 17 huh?" C/B/F/N says.

"Yeah..." I answer as I trail my eyes to the floor.

"So... what do you guys want to do?" C/N asks, trying to break the awkward tension. 

B/F/N looks over at C/B/F/N and they both shrug.

"COD?" I suggest. (Call of Duty)

They all nod there heads in agreement.

We grab four controllers and set up the game.

"C/N and C/B/F/N versus Y/ N and I," B/F/N announced smirking.

"Sure just don't complain once C/N and I beat you," C/B/F/N smiled.

"Yeah like hell I would let you win," B/F/N retorted.

"Trust me I'll win."

B/F/N glared at him as they started a heated argument. C/N and I looked at each other and shook our heads.

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