(Editing in Progress) James Sirius Potter, I will kill you

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          The girl sat by the creek in the forest. Finally getting over the feeling of the portkey she stood up and started walking towards the Burrow. About fifteen minutes later she arrived at the door.

         While letting herself in she noticed the sweet and warm smell of Nana Molly's cookies. "Hello?" she called.

          "Becca, come in here! James has something!" her cousin shouted. Lily rarely ever sounded that panicked. Growing up in her crazy family had desensitized her to most things.

          Rebecca rushed into the living room with wide eyes. Looking around, she saw all the kids in the family and some friends. Her emerald eyes landed on the object in James's hand. "What the hippogriff are you doing with a time turner!"

         He dropped it. He honest to Merlin dropped it.


          The group frantically tried to latch onto each other as they were sent spiraling through time. Their surroundings were a disorienting blur of backwards motion. Rebecca could only compare it to rewinding a movie.

          "Fred helped get it." he said once the world finally stopped moving. His hands flew into the air to placate everyone. Nobody held back their cursed as they glared at the two trouble makers.

          "Thanks mate!" Fred said sarcastically. James just threw him a cheeky smile.

          "Uh. . . Guys?" Rebecca went cross eyed, looking at the wand pointed at her. She screeched louder when she got no response from her squabbling family. "Guys! Does anyone else see the wands?"

          Everyone from the future's eyes grew wide startled by the wands. They were completely surrounded with no way out. And they had no idea when exactly they were.

          "We can explain," Teddy promised, holding his hands up where they could be seen, empty. "There was a little mishap with a time turner and some clumsy fingers."

          ("Becca was the one who startled me!" "You do realize I have my mother's temper, right?)

          "Prove you are from the future." The man who asked couldn't have been anyone other than Remus Lupin. He looked far to much like brunet Teddy to be anybody else.

          "First what year is it?" Victorie asked. Her eyes were farting around, no doubt taking in the details around them. He left hand had found Teddy's, and her right arm held Lily behind her.

          "1995," a woman with pink hair answered. That must be Tonks.

          "When Harry was younger he made Dudley fall into a snake enclosure at the zoo by making the glass disappear." Rose said.

          "Anyone could know that." Harry said.

          While everyone tried to think of proof Rebecca got an idea. "Harry has a twin sister by the name of Heather Potter, but she went missing when they were eight." Rebecca said fast.

          "How do you know that? Nobody has heard about her here." Harry said in shock.

          "We are from the future and know you quite well if i say so myself." James said confidently.

          "Introductions!!! Families group together" Tonks said cheerfully.

" Victorie Lupin, 22, was in Gryffindor, and training to be a curse breaker."

Everyone from the past was in shock. This beautiful and delicate looking girl have that dangerous of a job. However no one was in as much shock as Remus. "I have a daughter?!?"

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