02. Coffee and Arguements

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Central City - Kara's POV

Alex and I headed back to our hotel room. Hank (J'onn) was there waiting for us.

"Well, I thought you two had been killed considering how long you've been gone." He looked at me. "I thought I sent you to bring her back here?" 

"I did. I found her at some bar right around the corner, but she refused to leave. So I stayed with her until she was ready to go." I answered, a little angry that he didn't trust I could take care 0f my own sister. 

"Guys! I'm fine! Really! I feel perfectly okay..." Alex slurred her words. 

"Yeah. Sure." Hank walked Alex to her bed. "You lie down and go to sleep. Be sober for tomorrow!" He walked back over to me with a stern look. 

"I'm going to sleep. I suggest you do the same, Ms. Danvers. Your meeting The Flash tomorrow." Hank laid down on the couch and fell asleep almost instantly. I laid down and thought about the man I met at the bar. A smile crept its way onto my face without me realizing. Barry Allen, he was someone I wouldn't forget.

Next Morning

"Get up! Both of you! Up! Now!" Hank yelled, startling both Alex and I awake. 

"What? What? What?!" Alex yelled back, sitting up quickly. Then putting a hand to her head. I realized her hungover had gotten the best of her. 

"Get up! We have to be at STAR Labs in 40 minutes!" He said some-what calmer. I checked my phone for the time and realized I should have been up an hour ago. With my speed, I quickly took a shower, got dressed, and did the same for Alex. By the time I was done, we had 30 minutes to get breakfast and get to STAR Labs. 

"Better?" I asked Hank sarcastically. He nodded not catching onto the sarcasm. We walked to CC Jitters and sat Alex at a table. Hank and I stood in line to order. 

"I thought you had everything under control. Or was that just as excuse to get me to come out here?" Hank asked, obviously mad. 

"You would have came out here anyways. I had everything under control. Your the one who let Alex run wild last night. Not might fault I had to sit with her until 11:00 at night." I fired back at him. He woke me up, and I am NOT a morning person.

"Maybe you should start looking out for your sister. She may be older than you but she still needs her sister to look out for her. Thought that was what you stood for? Helping people?" 

"Really? That's funny coming from a guy who hid who he really was for years!" I said, genuinely angry. Hank shot me a look.

"You play by my rules, Ms. Danvers. You work for me remember?" When Hank said my name the two men in front us turned around, revealing themselves to be Barry and Cisco.

"Kara?" Barry asked, not sure if I was 'Ms.Danvers'.

"Barry! Cisco! Wow, I guess this is a small town." I laughed, so did Barry.

"It kind of is." Barry smiled. "Who's this?"

"Hank Henshaw. I work with Kara. We are here on business." Hank responded politely. 

"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Henshaw." Cisco said holding out his hand for Hank to shake, which Hank took.

"Same here. How exactly do you three know each other?"Hank questioned. I panicked inside a little. If Hank found out I was flirting instead of watching Alex, he would kill me.

"We met at that bar last night you two were just bickering about." Cisco said quickly, not thinking about what he said. Hank's eyes widened, and looked at me. I smiled innocently, hoping he wouldn't yell.

"You were making new friends while I had you watching you sister?!" Hank said angrily.

"In all fairness, I was closing Alex's tab so she wouldn't drown herself in alcohol when I met them. And if it wasn't for you telling her she could roam the city, we wouldn't be in this position." I shot back, surprising all three of the men surrounding me. Hank went to say something but stayed quiet instead.

Barry and Cisco ordered, and Cisco's phone went off. 

"Sorry, dude. I got to get going. See you later!" Cisco waved to us before leaving. Hank placed our order and brought the food and coffee to Alex while I stayed with Barry, since Cisco left. 

"This may be a bad idea and terrible timing, but I was wondering, if you would like to get dinner with me sometime?" Barry said nervously. "Or lunch! Whatever you want." I laughed.

"I'd love to get dinner sometime. Tomorrow?" I asked him.

"I'll pick you up at seven." With that, Barry left. I smiled an uncontrollable smile. Now all I had to do was meet The Flash. 

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