Saterday evening and baby sitting

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Naruto's POV

Me and Sasuke was standing at the door as Itachi and Kyuubi were telling us what we needed to do to keep the boys out of trouble boys being Akira, Akio, Sasukie, and Menma.

It's funny how they picked me and sasuke when it should menma and sasuke since they are the responsible ones but I guess it's because menma started causing more trouble and making a lot of noise so i guess im the quietess I think.

"alright boys were trusting you with this ok and you promise to have Akira and Akio in bed by 8:30" kyuubi asks worried "yes we can handle the babies" Sasuke says "and to keep menma and sasukie appart" Itachi says in a stern voice, "yup" I said, as I smiled our brothers nod before leaving "alright we'll be back at midnight thank you boys" kyuubi says leaving the house with itachi.

Me and sasuke looked at eachother before smiling "I'll handle the babies you go handle our twins" I said as sasuke nods kissing my cheek before turning to menma and sasukie who were on the couch together.

I ran to the backroom were Akira and Akio were sleeping.

They were so cute sleeping in the same krib togehter as they held hands.

I went up to their shared krib as I softly rubbed Akio's head earning a small purr from the little red head.

I wagged my tails at the cuteness until I noticed Akira waking up as we made eye contact we staired at each other.

He raised his arms up for me to hold him which I did as I purred softly and it seemed to calm him down though i didnt want Akio to start crying to I picked him up to rocking the boys in my arms.

The quiet moment was ruined as there was a loud sound of glass breaking which startled me and the babies causing them to cry.

I looked towards the door as it was bust opened and I could of sworn i saw my old master but it was only for a second to see sasuke worried about me "naru are you ok" he asks worried "w-what happened" I asked "sasukie broke a vace" sasuke says, as he hugged me I layed my head on his shoulder while softly purring trying to still calm down Akira and akio which was working at a slow paict "go check up on them I got the boys for myself" I said "ok" sasuke says as he nods and leaves so i can calm my racing heart and get, the babies to stop crying before my older brother comes breaking the door down.

It makes me happy that kyuubi made sure to feed them until they were full cause i wouldnt be able to feed them no mater how hard I try.

They calmed down after a while cause i put them boy down and allowed them to play with my tails which made them happy.

I love these two and it makes me happy that me and sasuke's brothers trusted us.

After a while I noticed Akio started crowling away while Akiro climbed on my back while i gace him a pony ride as i followed Akiro who was adventuring the house but i had to carry the boys after a while cause Akio got jelly that Akiro got to have a pony ride.

I made it to were sasuke was as I see him finishing up on cleanign the vase while sasukie and menma were pouting as they looked over at me "so kyuubi is allowing us near his babies" sasukie asks wagging, his tail "no he trusted naruto and I were baby sittig all 4 of you" sasuke says growling throwing away the broken glass.

I giggled softly until i felt a small tug at my ear them I looked over at Sasuke who had taken a picture of me "hey" I said pouting "I keeping this as my wall paper" sasuke says as he smiled wagging his tail.

Akio and Akira both giggles as they both got down and played with my tails happily while Sasuke went over to me and kissed my forehead earning a smile from me "stay here with Menma and Sasukie while I make food" he says "ok Sasuke" I replied watching him leave.

I watched the kids as Sasukie and Menma were laying on the couch together watching a cartoon together I had to make sure nothing happened  but got slightly distracted when Pokémon came on.

A couple of minutes later

I looked towards Sasukie and Menma as they looked back at me than back at sasukie's phone while chuckling quietly making me confused and tilted my head until I looked behind me at Akira and Akio as they were sleeping soundly while hugging my tails.

I admit it was super cute and I didn't want to wake them up.


Kyuubi's POV

Me and Itachi were heading home hand and hand together "are you sure the boys are doing ok" I asked worried "yes I'm positive kyu now came down" Itachi says as he kissed my head softly.

We made it home together as Itachi opened the front door letting me in first than followed behind me closing the door "hey you guys are back" Sasuke says walking up to us "hey Sasuke.....uh where's Naruto" I said "he's upstairs with the babies" he says.

I looked over at Itachi who rubbed my back "what around Sasukie and menma" techy asks "in separate rooms" Sasuke says.

We nodded and left upstairs.

I check on Naruto and what I saw killed me it was so cute he was laying on the bed sleeping with Akio and Akira I couldn't handle the cuteness "Techy..techy" I whispered earning my mates attention  as he looked at them as well.

He made a small smile "were putting this in the family book" he says taking a picture of the two showing it to me and Sasuke.

He made a small smile "were putting this in the family book" he says taking a picture of the two showing it to me and Sasuke

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(here's they are)

"awww so cute" I said smiling  at the boys and Sasuke agreed.

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