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    The ground under my feet was cold and the air was stale. I honestly don't remember loosing my shoes but I did. The smell of sulfur hung wildly in the air. I loved that smell. I looked at my hands. Red. They were red. I went to the closest mirror and smiled. My white dress was red as was my whole body.

     I looked up at the two men on the stage and smiled. A wicked smile. They smiled back and the one with the top hat tipped it in my direction. I took a look around and nearly fainted from my own brilliance. Bodies piled up. Blood everywhere. I heard the words but they didn't register until I saw it. The jacket. My jacket. The Primo jacket. I put my arms out to the side for it to be placed on me and I heard a crackling of a mic and then "ring, ring, ring motherfuckers".

    I slapped the alarm clock with ferocity. I hated being woken up and I hated it even more that morning. It was a dream I hadn't had for months and it felt like a homecoming. I sat up and and rubbed my eyes. I felt a stinging as I opened them. Something must've been on my hands. I looked at them and saw blood.

    That's when I noticed everything was covered in it. My bed, my sheets, my pillows, my stuffed bear (it was a gift from my best friend, and on the walls. I turned. The marvelous smell of sulfur attacked my senses again. It was exhilarating and scary all at the same time. I waited for the alarm clock to ring again but it never went off.

    I took a deep breath. If this wasn't a dream where the hell did all the Blood come from. Now my friend Gracie, whose real name is Callie but since she's the daughter of Grace and Arthur I nicknamed her Gracie, would've started to cry because she's kind of a chicken. I decided I needed some help so I took a deep breath, smiled to myself and on the top of my lungs yelled "Mom".

    Within seconds my mother walked in. He had tattoos everywhere. He looked at the room and gasped. He obviously didn't know what to make of it and before I knew what was happening his strong, protective arms were wrapped around me like a blanket. I always felt safe with him near me.

    Finally after a short embrace he let go and asked "what in the hell happened in here Ralian"? I shrugged my shoulders. "I have no idea, I woke up and the room was like this" I said more scared than I was letting on. Mom held me. I saw dad walk in over the top of moms shoulder and he was smiling.

    Mom must've sensed him as well because she turned around, while still keeping a firm grasp on me. "Slink, did you have something to do with this?" Mom asked almost growling at him. I watched as my dads grin got wider. "Maybe" my dad said never loosing his defiant grin. I could also see my mom growing more impatient as time passed.

"Answer me now Slink" my mother said staring daggers into my father.

     I saw something cross my fathers face I hadn't seen before. Guilt. He felt bad for upsetting my mother. After a few minutes he composed himself and said "alright it was me but it's not what you think. I was walking past our daughters room when I saw a man enter the window. Well, I wasn't just going to let some prick get away with that and I tore off his head and blood flew everywhere. I didn't want to wake up our princess so I took the body, disposed of it and went to bed" pulling a head from behind his back as he finished. I laughed at the look of utter shock that was on the face but my mother didn't look that amused.

    My mother grabbed my father by the wrist and dragged him out of the room. I could hear him telling him that if he ever did that again without telling him he would rip his head off. I heard my dad moan in excitement and my mom groan.

    The rest of the day was uneventful. School shopping, because well even the daughter of the head of Heart Enterprises has to go to school and then a family dinner where it was announced that bars had been placed on my window and a guard would be with me at all times at school. I opened my mouth to complain but the look on my moms face stopped me.

    That night as I was putting together a "proper outfit" for school, I thought about the fact that in just four months I would be taking the exit exam and the next blood drive would be starting and if I miraculously passed that exam, I would finally be allowed to race. I had been studying all summer and I had no doubt I would pass, it wasn't the test itself, it was if I could go three months without getting into trouble.

    I slipped into a tank top and pj bottoms and climbed into bed. My silver hair flopped over my shoulder and I groaned. I wanted to cut my hair short but that's the only thing neither of my parents would allow me to do until I wasn't living under their roof. I would've cut it in spite of them but I wanted to race, they run the race, so I've played good on that.

    Picking up a dart from my side table I threw it direct center into the eye of the current primo. I had put the poster up just for dart practice. "I'm coming for you Dom" I said grinning like my dad. I turned off my light and drifted off to sleep, praying that I would get through the next three months.

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