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Dear Smartasses,

I am 15 years old, with longish brunette hair. I am tallish, skinny(ish), and male. My name is Alec.  My little brother, Mitchell, was born when I was 2
      So skip a few years until I am in fifth grade. I always knew I was different, while guys talked about cute girls, I would think about cute guys. So in seventh grade, at a very, very, homophobic school, I gathered my courage (and stupidity) and asked out this guy I had liked.
     He rejected me and told everyone that I was a "faggot." I lost my friends, all of them, even Caleb. I had known him all my life, and even he was mad at me. I didn't know why. The day after I became a "Fag" we started arguing, and he wouldn't talk to me. My amazing life was spiraling into disaster.
      My Grandmother, who I was very close to died. I lost all my friends, and even my friends from dance wouldn't talk to me.
      I started to cut myself, starting in the winter. Soon, I hated my life and decided to end it. That night, I wrote my note, and cut my arms, right on the veins. It hurt a lot, but there was a moment where the pain just stopped, and everything was silent. I blacked out.
I woke up in the hospital. Caleb was sleeping, his head on my legs. I rested my hand on his head and started stroking it. Machines were beeping, and I had a tube in my arm. Caleb woke up a few minutes later and lifted his head. He looked terrible. His beautiful green eyes were red and his hair was oily and tangled. It was obvious that he was upset.
He nearly tackled me in a hug and just cried into my chest. I held him as he stuttered apologies and cried.
     He kept saying he was sorry and I-I fucked up okay? I fuck- I fucking kissed him. I, Alec Korey, kissed my best friend Caleb James. He kisses back. We separated, and rested our forehead together.
    "Will you go out with me?" I whispered softly. He colored and nodded softly.

      Okay! Mother fuckers, you are finally getting caught up on my life. Sorry it took so long, I was helping that_problem_child with a... project.

That's all for today.

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