The Fight and the Apology

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One mistake, that's

all it took. You blame

me for the blood of the

brutal shattering of our

friendship, for all

the tears shed.

The bond is supposed to

last despite fights, mistakes

or tears. My words fell

collapsed upon the glass

and that was all it took.

 We would make each other

laugh. Don't you recall those good

times? Can you forgive?

Would you? I look down at my

hands and see the blood of

our broken friendship.

It stains my hands. 

The past cannot change

but hands may mend

those loose threads. Me,

myself and I take the shards

of glass from our hands as

we extend a hand and

our apologies to you.

Forgive and forget,

share and smile,

trust and take,

give and glow

is what a friendship is.


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