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Pierce slowly woke up from a fairly good dream about Cordelia. It was about him actually being a somewhat decent guy to her and they mated. But he didn't know if the part about having twin boys was making the dream better or if he should be terrified.

Pierce turned over and reached an arm out but it landed on the bed. He opened his eyes to see just him in the bed. He half expected Cordelia to have crawled in with him at one point last night. But guess not.

Getting up, he shuffled into the living room to hear giggling. Kaden and Cordelia were sitting on the floor, laughing about something. "What are you two laughing about this early in the morning?" Pierce growled and sat on the couch. Cordelia looked up at him and giggled. "It's almost noon, Mr. Crank Pot. And it's private." Cordelia said and stuck her tongue out at him.

Pierce stuck his tongue out back at her. Cordelia rolled her eyes and turned her head back to Kaden. "I actually gotta get going. Mom wants to spend time with me. I'll see ya'll later." Kaden said and got up. Before she left, she waved and exited the house, leaving Cordelia and Pierce alone. The tip of his nose was a light purple color from Cordelia pinching it.

"You might want to put a little makeup on your nose. Don't want anyone to know you got pinched by a nineteen year old girl. It'll make you look weak." Cordelia said and lightly touched her nose to show Pierce where the bruise on his nose was. Pierce snarled. "Ya right. Okay." He said and lightly rubbed his nose, half thinking it would make the bruise go away. But it didn't. "Does your hand magically dispense concealer?" Cordelia joked.

Pierce glared at her. "What? Just giving you a little bit of your own medicine. Doesn't feel good when someone's being mean or sarcastic to you, is it?" Cordelia said and stood up. Pierce stood up too. "No it doesn't." He said. "Well I hope you know now how I've felt for the last week now."

She started to walk away. To where, she had no idea. Just somewhere to get away from him. But his hand grabbed her elbow and pulled her back. "Let me go." She growled and tried getting out his grip. But he just pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her. She struggled against him for a little before sighing and collapsing against him. "I'm not letting you go." He mumbled. "I can tell that." She huffed.

Both of them hadn't spoke a word until Cordelia felt a little drop of something wet hit the top of her head. Was he crying, she thought. She craned her neck upwards and saw that he was. "What's wrong?" She asked and reached a hand up to his face to wipe away the tears off his face.

He didn't say anything and leaned down to hide his face in the crook of her neck. "Pierce? Are you okay?" She asked him and lightly wrapped her arms around his waist. "I'm sorry." He mustered quietly. He pulled back and sat down on the couch, putting his face in his hands. Cordelia knelt in front of him. "Pierce." She whispered and gently grabbed his wrists.

"I'm an ass. I've been an ass to you. To everyone. There's no freaking excuse for that. I get it's been ten years. I need to stop being a baby about it. But I was so close to them. It was always just the three of us. When they died, I became alpha and there's all that responsibility being put into it. And I overreacted. I'm shocked you haven't rejected me yet." He sniffled.

Cordelia sighed. "You're right. There's no excuse for being an asshole to someone. And I get that you guys were close. But you need to learn to not be one and get over their deaths. If it's been ten years, then it's been ten years. Ya, you'll still be hurting, if someone dies and you were close. No matter how many years it's been. But that doesn't mean turning into a butthead is the right solution." Pierce looked up at her with red, puffy eyes. "Why haven't you left yet?"

Cordelia thought for a minute. She never thought as to why she never left. Maybe it was because she saw that he could change. No matter how mean he was to her. Or maybe she cared for him or was afraid if she did leave, she didn't know if she would have a home to go back to. Cordelia shrugged. "Not sure. Just thought maybe I could help you be a better guy." She gave a small smile.

"I hate to break up this moment. But I personally don't like Pierce so I'm fairly okay with it but guess who decided to come back?" Lowell asked as he entered the house. Cordelia looked up at Lowell. "Who?" She asked.

"Your mother."

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