Very Exciting A/N! PLEASE READ!

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Self publishing was never my first option, but I had an amazing opportunity to do so while being able to still pursue an actual publisher! And I have even better news...

This is (hopefully) NOT the only book I will be publishing!

For my senior project, I've chosen to create my own "business" and product, and I've chosen to go into business for myself and have my writing as the product. I will also be publishing some short stories, poems, and other books as I finish them! I've been working on making this work for a full year now, and it's finally a reality! 

The mission of my company, "Inspo Books," is to cultivate mental health acceptance. Each sale will generate profit for local and national mental institutions and mental illness research! Every one of the books I publish contain multiple characters living with mental illness on a daily basis; the everyday warrior, not the worst case scenario or a "mental problem" as seen in many teen novels today. It's sickening to see mental illness romanticized or only shown at its worst point nowadays, and I'm hoping to change that with my company and my writing.

Right now, Soryx: The Second Dimension is available to purchase at Schuler Books & Music of Grand Rapids, Michigan, as Soryx by Savy Lockharte. You can order them, too! So, if you live super far away from their store, you can get it shipped to you. It's a pay to print title, which means there are only one or two copies on the bookshelf but you order a copy for them to specially print for you. It's $14.99 for one book! I'd love it if y'all would buy one ^_^ I'll sign it for you if I can get in contact with you at all. 

I am going to try REALLY hard to make all my books available as e-books, so y'all can buy them a lot more easily! I will tell you guys when I publish any of my books, probably through Inner Thoughts of a Teenage Girl, so add that to your reading list to get updates on THAT! 

Thank you guys so much for getting me this far. I'm insanely excited and psyched to be able to do this, and having such a supportive community here. Wattpad will always be my home ^_^

Love you guys, thanks for reading!


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