Part 5 - Patch jobs and unexpected guests

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It had been a few weeks since the CDC and not a word had been said. "Damn it! The radiator hose has gone again. I'm surprised its lasted this long though its more duct tape then hose!" the RV stopped on the highway , Daryl was up ahead on his bike. There were cars everywhere, we weren't going anywhere. We all piled out and congregated by the front of the RV.

"I don't know how were going to get out of this" Dale sounded disappointed. I looked around "Look where we are?" Shane chuckled, he caught on to what I was implying.

"If you can't find a radiator hose here There's a whole bunch of stuff we can find. I can siphon fuel from these cars" T-dog perked up.

"This is a graveyard. I don't know how I feel about this." Lori ruined the moment of excitement, the feeling of hope that none of us had for a while. "It'll be okay Lori, we need this, to survive" Glenn said, we all nodded in agreement and got to work.

I needed a new set of clothes mine were falling apart. I looked around to find carol doing the exact same thing, "Hey" she smiled at me, "Just trying to find some clothes for everyone" she replied timidly. "No need to explain to me, if I don't get out of these clothes soon I may go crazy! we both chuckled. I decided to check the other cars and found some new converse shoes and a vest top, brilliant I chucked them in my backpack and continued to look for other items that could be useful.

I walked over to another car which was by a big water truck, Glenn and Shane ran over to it revealing water barrels filled to the top. We were in heaven. Glenn cheered but his cries of triumph were cut short, I turned to see a mass a walkers heading towards us just like they had before Daryl picked me up. "Glenn! look! go tell Rick!" I pointed to the herd of the dead, I shouted as loud as I could whilst whispering. Glenn ran as fast as he could, I went to hide under a car but was grabbed, I turned to see Shane, we slipped under the water truck. "Do not grab me ever again!" I whispered, he just smirked. Ughh he was beginning to get on my nerves! he deserves a punch on the nose for that stunt, I thought he was a walker, I could have killed him!

As soon as we were under there we could hear the shuffling of feet grow louder and louder. Shane's hands began to wonder, I slapped his hands away and he began I chuckle. I used all my strength not to shout as we were surrounded by walkers. A walker tripped, Shane rolled over and I ended on top of him. Great. If he tried anything I could do nothing about it, nothing at all. I refused to make eye contact with him at all. In one swift movement his lips were pressed on mine, ugh! what a creep! I tried to get away but I couldn't without making a noise and alert the herd of our whereabouts, I had to deal with it. To be honest he wasn't that bad of a kisser... no! no he isn't he's a creep and he's going to get what's coming to him!

Once the walkers were out of sight I immediately removed myself from on top of him and got out from underneath the water truck. "Why the fuck did you do that?!?" I screamed at him. "You didn't exactly put up a fight, I think you actually enjoyed it" he smirked. "I didn't have a choice you creep!" I stormed over to him and punched him square in the face knocking him over in one blow. "Do that again and you'll get worse!" I stormed off. I was so wrapped up in what Shane had done I didn't hear the commotion up by the RV.

"What's happened?" I said, "Sophia! My baby! Where is she!" Carol cried in Andreas arms "Sophia was chased by two walkers, Rick went to find her" Andrea replied. Without a thought I want sprinting into the woods not knowing where to go, I was blind in this mass of green vegetation. "Sophia!" I kept screaming repeatedly. "Sophia!.... Rick!" the woods was so vast I didn't know where to begin.


I had been running around the woods what seemed hours, there was no sign of Sophia or Rick. I had almost given up hope until I glanced over and saw a little girl, she wore a blue T-shirt and shorts... it took me a minute to realise... it was Sophia. "Soph!---" I lost my footing and slipped down a slope. "Arghhhh!" I hit the floor with a loud thud, a shearing pain went through my head and I blacked out.


I woke up, I had double vision and saw four figures running towards me. Wait was it four? or two? As the figures got closer they became two, I managed to identify them as Daryl and Rick. I looked up dazed and confused, my wrist was killing me I think I strained it. Rick bent down and placed his hands either side of my head. "Are you alright?" his face was so close to mine. The warmth of his hands were intoxicating and it gave me butterflies, no... I couldn't be falling for him could I? He has a wife and son, he would never feel the same way about an average girl like me, would he? Probably not... I put all my thoughts aside and nodded, and got up.

"Did you find her?" I asked rick. He paused, "No we didn't, why were you out here you could have gotten yourself killed" he exclaimed. "I was looking for Sophia... and you, everyone said you disappeared" there was a pause, does he care about me? It seemed that way but probably not, I was over thinking things. "I saw her Rick she's alive I know it! just before I fell I saw her!" Rick and Daryl stopped "Where!" they said in unison. I looked around, "Over there" I pointed.

We continued to walk in the direction I saw Sophia in. After what seemed hours we stopped, there was no use carrying on today, darkness crept upon us.

We started to walk back when I heard a rustling, Rick and Daryl continued to walk on. My glance was diverted to a large hollow tree trunk. I walked towards the sound, not knowing what lurks around the corner. The rustling turned into sobbing, I cautiously looked over the log to see a petite little girl on a blue top and shorts. "Sophia!" the petite girl turned to see me, she lunged towards me locking her arms around my neck. I picked her up not caring about the shearing pain in my wrist. I turned around to see Rick and Daryl are there. "You found her! Oh my god!" Rick exclaimed.


I carried Sophia all the way back to the RV, it was pitch black when we arrived. "Sophia!!!" Carol had tears streaming down her face, she grasped Sophia in her arms and refused to let her go. "Thank you so much!" she exclaimed. It made me think that even though the world has gone to hell there is still love to keep us going. If only James was here.

We all decided to retire to the RV and sleep, only I couldn't so I decided to take watch for a few hours and let everyone else sleep. Minutes felt like hours, the night really dragged and there was nothing but silence. I heard something climbing up the ladder of the RV, it couldn't be a walker they couldn't climb, could they? No they couldn't. Who could it be?

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