Child's play

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Now we finally had the bounty back! It was so good! I love being in the air! ...I love being anywhere that's outdoors... meh whatever. We were flying over Jumanakai Village, I was being... a normal teenager for once... kinda. I was lying on the floor with my legs hanging on the fence. I was doing whatever I wanted on my phone. Lloyd was standing next to me looking at some kids playing.

"You miss being a kid, dontcha?" I ask. He look at me, then back at the boys playing football.

"Lloyd. Lloyd!" Kai say. Lloyd turn around at the fire ninja. "Concentrate!" Kai say.

"Now that the bounty is in our possession again, we can train both you and (Y/N) more effectively, but you'll have to focus." Zane say with a smile. "One more time!"

"Aw! But we've been training all day!" Lloyd complain.

"It's all to get you ready to face your father!" Cole say. "Now! In position!"

Lloyd sigh sadly and went in front of the ninjas. They pull down their hoods and get ready. Lloyd yawn and make a sign with his hand that tell them to come at him.

"*yawn* whatever!" He say bored.

Kai jump at him and Lloyd hit him so he's thrown back. They all look at Lloyd surprised. Lloyd yawn again and show them to come again. Zane and Jay jump at him at once. Lloyd use spinjitzu and they are knocked to each direction. Cole come from behind and send Lloyd into the air. He spins a few laps, then lands on his stomach on the ground.

"Faceplant!" I yell without looking at them. I saw everything with the reflection of my phone.

"That was fun! Are we done?" Lloyd ask.

"Aw, come on! You're better than this! What's on your mind?" Jay ask.

"Well... The latest give out of Star farer just came in a limited edition... so if I don't go get one, they'll be sold out. Last they left off, Frieds Donnagon was surrounded by the imperial sluther, and if I don't find out how it ends, I think I might have my own dooms day!" Lloyd say being drama queen.

"The fate of Ninjago rests on your and (Y/N)'s shoulders. As the green and yellow ninjas, you both have a giant responsibility to hold. I'm sorry, but you don't have time for such childish things." Kai say.

"But Kai, He's a kid. Kids need to get to be childish. Otherwise it can ruin their future. Your childhood is the best part of your life, so it would be cruel to take that away from Lloyd. He already have lost the contact with other kids in his age." I say.

"I know, (Y/N). But he needs to train." Kai say.

"'He'? I thought it was both of us." I say with a smirk.

"It is. But We don't know how to train a ..." Cole say.

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