Week 4

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Unfortunately I have been sick and haven't really worked with her a whole lot.

I did work on picking up her feet and doing more low energy exercises as I feel all the lunging and stuff needs to scale back because she is still growing. She has done really well with her feet and picks them up pretty well when I pinch either the chestnut or her hock. Always something to be done everyday so it's really familiar.

I had another over all easy session with her but she needs her feet done. It's always something.

We worked on picking up her feet again and she is getting so much better with it. I'm honestly so happy with how it's going. Flexing is a big part of her routine as well just trying to get her soft for when I back her. Backing is her main struggle so we just keep working on that. She now backs when I wiggle the rope which is super exciting! This took awhile to get to that stage. I've introduced backing off halter pressure as well to get her soft on that which is still a work in progress.

Honestly I'm very pleased with this little mare who just keeps on improving.

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