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In a blink of a eye bright lights started streaming off of the stage, all that surounded you were armyes singing.

Singing like it was their last time.

Singing their hearts out.

Expressing their passion and love with their voices.

The lights shon brightly on the stage revealing seven angelic boys emerging from under the stage. Screems of absolute happyness and excitement were heard throughout the stadium.

And with that a angels voice started singing, his voice was like a beautifull lulabye. Soo sweet and peacefull, he wasnt the tallest of the group but that didnt matter. His eye smiles could make anyone's heart flutter.

Right after another voice could be heard but this one was deep, so deep that your heart pounded like crazzy. You squeesed your friands arm tightly, her eyes were locked at the stage. You looked back up and saw two boys walking closer, so close they were milimeters from falling of the stage.

Jimin looked down and look straight into your eyes ' SHIT SHIT SHIT he's looking at me holey mother of jimins abs' was the only thing you had in your mind. You felt a blush emerge from your cheeks, you started panicking and acting like its no big deal which made you look like you were seconds from exploding and then you froze *soul leaves body* 'um i think im in heaven i have entered the gates'.

Suddenly you felt like you were being yanked back and fourth *getting draged back to earth*. You finally regained your senses and looked to the side in confuzion, you saw F/N with eyes wide open. You looked back up and noticed Jimin giving you a smile, your entire face starts burning up and you suddenly turned backwards. This caused you to hear a slight chuckle from the stage, You looked back at F/N and she grabed your shoulder and yanked you so you were facing the front.

You looked up and saw seven pairs of eyes looking in your direction.

'Fuck i screwed up'.

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