Chapter 38

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Angel's POV

I was eating tons of strawberries right now. I knew I was going to throw them up if I didn't stop soon but I just couldn't. You know that feeling when you eat so much of something that eventually your throat just wants to push it all out again?

"Angel, baby, you have to stop eating the strawberries."

"But I like strawberries." I whined trying to grab the bowl with them from Xander.

"We know you do. But we also know that you don't like throwing up. And we don't want you to start throwing up again. You've done enough of it already because of the pregnancy." Xavier cooed into my ear all the while rubbing my back.

That didn't calm me because I wanted my strawberries! And the little twins inside my belly wanted too! I could almost feel it and therefore there is going to be no one who can deny me those strawberries!!

I growled.

And no I didn't growl like some human would attempt to, I growled like the twins do, like werewolves, like an animal, a real growl.

Everyone in the room halted to a stop and looked at me with wide eyes. Even the twins.

"D-did you just growl?"

I didn't let their surprise hinder me and glared at Xander.

"Yes, I did. Now give me my strawberries." Resting my hands on my hips as I stared at him expectantly.

He just stared at me just like everyone else in the room.

"Well?" I was tapping my foot on the floor impatiently.

He came closer slowly and gave me the bowl. I smiled at him brightly once the bowl was in my hands and everyone jumped back at the sudden change in my demeanor but I paid them no attention as I was happily munching on my strawberries once again.


"I'm going to murder you guys!"

"Shhh, calm down baby, just a little more."

"You are never touching me again!"

Okay, okay, let's rewind.


*earlier that day*

The twins had SOMEHOW managed to convince me to stop eating the strawberries. Alright alright, the fact that I did end up puking my guts out because of the damn berries did help them.

And when they succeeded in convincing me they took me to the doctor. The twins wanted to know why or how I growled and if it was going to be a normal occurrence.

It came out that the little boys growing in my tummy felt that they needed to 'lend' me their ability to growl but the doctor - whose name as I FINALLY learned is Maurice Tickham - wasn't sure if the sudden ability will stay for a longer period or not.

We were now in the birth giving room as the little twins had decided that they wanted to join us in the big outer world. And let me tell you, it hurt like crap.

Xavier and Xander - being the possessive mates they are - ordered for a female doctor.

The doctor chuckled as she heard me.

"Everybody who's been here has said that, Luna, and yet they still find themselves back in this room a few years later."

The twins chuckled at what she said and I squeezed their hands as hard as I could.

"Well then, I'm going to make sure you guys have protection on even when you only want to hold hands with me!"

"But that would mean it would have to be on all the time!"

"Then it will be."

"But- but..."

"No bu-"

Holy macaroni! That hurt!

"You can do it, Luna. You just need to push real hard." The doctor - Cece - encouraged me.

Xavier and Xander were practically holding me in their laps by now, wanting to ease their mate's pain with their touch.

And then, with a big push we heard it.

A baby's cry.

I cried out but in both happiness and pain as the other twin started to push out.

After an agonizingly long time, the other twin was out in the big world with us too.

The doctor wrapped blankets around both of them and gave them to the twins. They held the little babies so gently, shushing them softly when they began to cry.

Xavier and Xander turned to me, their eyes bright and watery. On their faces were the biggest and brightest smiles of happiness you could imagine.

They crouched and brought the little twins closer to me so that I could see them.

And when they opened their little eyes, we could see that one of them had emerald green eyes that looked exactly like mine, while the other one had sky blue eyes identical with their fathers'.

"Their names, Luna?" Cece smiled at me with a clipboard in her hands.

"How about..." I trailed off in thought.

Looking at the blue eyed boy in Xavier's hands I decided.

"You will be Ethan Slade."

Then turning my attention to the other bundle of joy.

"You will be Nathan Slade."

All four of my boys smiled at me.

Xavier and Xander kissed my temples before giving the little twins to me.

I cooed at them happily and they giggled, making grabby hands at my face.

When I looked back at Xavier and Xander tears made their way into my eyes.

They were still at both sides of my bed but they were on their knee.



"Angel, we've loved you since we met you and we fell for you all over again every single day after that. You're our light and happiness, our calmness and home. In these months we have known you, we have laughed and smiled more than in our whole lives before you. And now you have given us these wonderful little children who we promise to protect and love forever, just like we will protect and love you forever and even after that, if you only let us. So, will you, Angel Peterson, let us protect and love you forever, create a family with us and do us the honor of marrying us?"

Oh my god.

Did they just-

Did they just PROPOSE?!??

And when they pulled out the ring I realized that yes, they did indeed propose.

My heart felt like it was trying to beat out of my chest, out of the confines holding it only to reach its lovers.

"Yes!" I whisper-shouted, not wanting to alarm the little bundles in my arms.

They beamed with pure happiness and love as Xander slipped the ring onto my ring finger.

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