Chapter 6

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Since Luca is my date to the party I had to meet him there. Sucks right but aye at least he said he'll come just when will he."Hey Colleen. Why aren't you partying." Why does Crissy have to be so loud. I swear you could tell she mexican and puerto rican but she looking cute today i swear." Oh i don't known i'm waiting for Luca to come."

He needs to hurry up im becoming impatient."Damn u don't have to wait long." Crissy says pointing to the door so I look and im shock at what I see he looks even more sexier than possible in some nice blue jeans with a black button up and dammn sexyness."Close your mouth your drooling." "Get out of here Crissy before I punch you." I bet i actually was drooling for all I know.

"So Colleen you looking beautiful as ever." "Well thanl you Luca. You look dashing as ever." I wish he was all mines so I could just take him to my room and "hey I looove to hear your nasty thoughts but not now im busy. Well okay then Cindy."

"May I have this dance." "Yes you may." With that he leads me to the dance floor and we sway to beat with the song even though I suck at danceing.

While we're swaying I catch a wonderful scent of lavender mixed with cinniomonm. Most wonderful intoxicating smell ever beside Luca's.

"So yes or no because if you say no i'll understand." "Uh." "I said do you want to go out with me as boyfriend and girlfriend." "Omg. Yes Luca I will love to.

well sorry for the wait. i got a lil romantic scean here and who does she smell?Could it be here mate or not? You'll have to wait to found out and can u ninjas check out my other book im making but  its on my other account with my friend .


ill be posting it soon thanks love yous

P.s sorry that its short

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