"Hi there! What stuff do you have in your hair? It's really pretty!" The woman snarled at (Y/N), ripping her dress from the girl's hand and walked away. (Y/N) tilted her head in confusion as she went to someone else to get the same result.

"Little one, please don't interact with the people. You must not know, but to us, anyone from the outside is considered to be impure. It's our customs."


"It's what we've been taught."

"I don't get it..." (Y/N) ponders to herself, looking around and goes to a shop, placing her hands on the window to look in. She sees necklaces of silver and gold adorned in gems, making her eyes sparkle. She squeaks when she sees someone grab her hand, but smiles when she looks at Ja'far. "Jaffy, everything here is so pretty!"

"It is, but we can't make a scene. Come on." Ja'far and (Y/N) walk back to Sinbad and Hinahoho as the guard leads them to the diplomatic tower to discuss trade. Every time she saw something that distracted her, Ja'far slowed down a bit for her to look, then reminded her of their main goal to make her catch up. As the five were walking towards the tower, (Y/N) leaned over to Ja'far and started whispering to him.

"Do you think they'll let us trade with them?"

"I hope so."

"But what'll happen if they don't?"

"We'd have to think of something. Don't worry about it. Just let us do the talking, alright?"

"Mm!" She nods and looks up to the tower, gulping a bit as she follows the others inside.


"You want to trade with Sasan? Impossible!" The four look to the small, chubby man in confusion. As Ja'far and Sinbad talked to him, (Y/N) looked around and went over to one of the shelves covered in scrolls and reaches for one, opening it and trying to read what's on it. She holds it horizontally, then flips it vertically, not understanding what the deal is and drops the scroll a bit. She quickly catches it and holds it close, looking behind her to see if she got caught by anyone, but only sees Hinahoho looking at her and raising his eyebrow. (Y/N) rolls it back up and puts it back in its place, turning around to see Hinahoho crouched down, looking at her.

"What were you not supposed to do?"

"Touch anything..."

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