Chapter 13

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"Jaffy~ My feet hurt~ How much further until we get there?" Ja'far sighed and ignored (Y/N)'s complaints as they walked up a stone stairway towards Sasan. She groans loudly while jumping onto Hinahoho, slowly climbing on him.

"Careful, (Y/N). You might fall." He chuckles as her head pops up from behind his ponytail and crawls a bit more, sitting on his shoulders with her hands on top of his head.

"Ahhh. This is better. I should've done this in the first place!" She sticks her legs out as Hinahoho looks up at her.

"Careful up there, alright?" She looks down at him, giving him a big smile and nods to him. The four, well, three of them continued walking as (Y/N) put her hand above her eyebrows and looked around, then to the sky a bit to see blue skies with a bit of cloud.

"You having fun, (Y/N)? This is your first time in another country, right?" (Y/N) looks down a bit to see Sinbad looking up at her, a big grin plastered on his face.

"Yeah! From the letters Jaffy sent to me, it seemed kind of scary and boring being on a boat, but I think it's fun! Just being able to look at the ocean and all the fishies, it makes me happy!"

"Good. Maybe if you behave, we'll take you with us!" Ja'far turned his head to look at Sinbad as his grin turns to a happy laugh when he watches (Y/N)'s face light up and bounce on Hinahoho's shoulders.

"Yay! I love going on adventures!" The three hear Ja'far sigh heavily as he continues up the stairs, making Hinahoho and Sinbad grin to each other while (Y/N) tilts her head to the side.


After what seemed like hours to (Y/N), they finally reached the top of the stairs and stare in awe at the beauty that was Sasan. (Y/N) kicks her legs and points to it, bouncing again. "IS THAT SASAN?!"

"Yes, (Y/N)." As the four of them admire Sasan, (Y/N) had crawled off of Hinahoho and ran up to Ja'far, grabbing his wrist and starts running down the path. "(Y-Y/N) wait!"

"ADVENTURE!" Sinbad and Hinahoho look to each other and sigh, hurrying themselves to catch up to the excited child and her hostage. The four of them reach the entrance as (Y/N) continued to walk ahead of the group, letting go of Ja'far's wrist and starts wandering around.

"No you don't." Ja'far grabs onto her hand to keep her in place as he awkwardly rolled the map up with one hand. "You don't get to wander off on your own. None of us know where anything is, so it'll be harder to find you if you get lost." (Y/N) stands in her spot smiling as Ja'far puts the map in his backpack and the four of them were being led by one of the knights. They enter the main city and all they see is the men, women, and children adorned in silver and gold. Ja'far and Sinbad stare in awe, making him drop (Y/N)'s hand as they devised a way to get their hands on the gold and minerals. (Y/N) goes up to one of the women walking by, gently tugging on her dress to get her attention.

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