Twisted Angel

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*Okay, so: this is my first story on here. please, please, please post what u think of it. it means everything to me, even if u didn't like it. Also, i truthfully don't know where this story is going. I mean, i had an idea, but i think its now gonna might go somewhere else. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it!*

Edit: Hey, i know that i said i might keep this going, but.. i think this might just be a oneshot. if enough people ask me to update, or if some one helps me think of ideas, i might. but.. still i dont think i will. Sorry):

"Tarah? Tarah? Tarah, wake up! It's almost time to leave!" God, my brother Lance could be so annoying. But he was right. I still had to get dressed, blow out my hair, fix my nails, and have breakfast. It's hard dressing punk, because I have to dress perfectly not perfect. I dragged myself of my mattress, and went to my bathroom. Our house may be small, but we all get our own rooms and bathrooms.  

My twin sister Rena already had her pop music blaring, so I decided to turn up my own music to get her to shut up. She finally did. Ah, you got to love My Chemical Romance. The next half hour was a blur, with me going on auto-pilot to get my purple and blue hair standing out just right, pull on my green skinnys, Living Dead tee, and all my accessories, get out the door, on the bus, and drag myself up to my homeroom.  

"Tarah-Beara, what are you doing this Friday?!" Ah, one my best friends Denny. He was quite a story. His mom was an interior designer, and wasn't home enough to realize what he was doing with his allowance. His hair has more colors in in right now, that mine has ever had. Not to mention all of his piercings. Seriously, that guy had more hardware that Ace's Hardware. Speaking of Ace... "Ace and I heard about a concert last night at the café when you were working. We so have to go, because we heard from that hot little thang that is always reading at the café, Paula. She was totally giving me the eyes, and Ace was totally jello. She has totally been in like with Paula for over a week now. I'd let Ace be all lesbian and stuff, but what the ladies want, is what Denny has. So, are we gonna go?"  

"Oh, yeah sure! I'll just have to check with Jeremy to see if I have to work then. And... well, what about Sam? I mean.. I really don't want to run into him, ya' know, with another girl. It's only been four days Denny.." Ah, Sam. My very newly ex. I thought I had been head over Converse in love with him, and him with me. Apparently not, at least according to the four sluts that came up to me on Friday. Stupid cheerleaders. But I was over him. I cried Saturday. That was all I needed. Because really, I was fine.  

"Oh sweety! Tarah, I completely forgot! Stupid Denny, how could you forget your best friend's pain?! Oh, well, I'll make sure that if that bastard is there he'll never even get near you!" My other best friend Ace chastised. Denny cares too, but he's so forgetful.  

"Oh, it's all right Den-Den! We'll go. Acey-cakes can bring her newest gal pal, you can too, and I'll bring my good friend Fakey." Two months ago they finally made me get a fake ID, even though I'll be 18 in only 9 months. Recently, (which means as of Friday, though that doesn't mean anything) I had been using it. I had also recently become close friends with a girl I like to call Miss Tequila.  

That afternoon, I was working at the local punk/goth store, T'Aime. The name may be French, but the clothes, music, and accessories were totally what the average punk would ever want. It was like a punk department store. They also had a salon, specifically for coloring hair, and all the punk styles. It was heaven to me and all the non-sluts/bitches at our school. I was organizing the men's undergarments, when I heard a voice that I never wanted to hear again.  

"Oh, hey there Tare Bear! I haven't heard from you all weekend. Something up?" That bastard thought that we were still together?!  

"Sam, I know about the sluts. And you should know that we're over. Now goodbye." This was awkward enough, with me handling boxers that I knew Sam owned. That I bought for him. That I had once wore. Great, now my eyes were stinging up.  

"Tarah.. What are you talking about? What sluts? Why are we over? Why- how could you ever say such a thing? Is this a joke? If it is, it's not funny. At all." Oh, god why couldn't he just shut the fuck up? If the dick head decided to play stupid, that was his fault, but I wasn't gonna let his stick it my face.  

"Sam, you heard me. Now, fuck off because I never want to see your lying, cheating face ever again. Leave me alone!" I threw down the damn boxers, and flew back to the employs' room. I cried for a while, and then went and cleaned myself up. I only had an hour left, and after that I had Mr. Vodka to get me through till the morning.  

That night, while in a drunken stupor relief, I heard a tapping on my window. How I did, I was unsure, because Rage Against the Machine was blaring. But I did. So I went to it and opened it.  

"Sam? What the hell are you doing here? I thought I told your dick face to fuck off?" Even through Mr. Vodka, I could feel my anger and pain. Sam was hanging from the tree that was against my window.  

"Tarah, you are piss faced drunk. Let me in, because my grip is not that strong!" I let him in because even though I hated him, I didn't want him to die. "Tarah give me that bottle. You need to sleep this off, and then you're gonna tell me why you broke up with me." While he was talking, he had grabbed me up off the floor, pulled up on his lap where he was seated.  

"I don- wannaa! Lemme offff... Gimme Mr. Vodka back! He's not as tart as Miss Tequila,but he is strong- *hic* -ger. He takes care of me, while you just hurt me! I hate youuu!" Even as I said the words, I knew they weren't true. I loved his smell, and I loved the feel of his strong arms around me. I missed this. But what he did to me was too bad. But I missed him so badly.  

"Tarah, shh shh. Sleep in my arms now. Later, we'll work this out. Now, sleep, my twisted angle."

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